The Russians write that their troops fell into the “cauldron” in Liman

The Russians write that their troops hit the 'cauldron' in Liman

The Armed Forces of Ukraine were driven into a «cauldron» the main forces of the 20th combined-arms army of the RF Armed Forces in the Liman-Yampol region of the Donetsk region. Journalist Yury Butusov writes about this with reference to reports by Russian propagandists.

The Russian propaganda Telegram channel Rybar notes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have achieved the complete encirclement of the 20th Army group, which has concentrated all its forces to defend the city of Liman and the village of Yampol. The leadership of the Russian Federation tried to keep these two cities at any cost, however, the Ukrainian defenders took control of the last supply route for the occupiers — Kremennaya-Liman. And now the supply of the Russian group has been cut off.

The Russians write that their troops got into the

Propagandists complain that if the Russian Ministry of Defense does not take decisive measures within a day, Liman will be taken by the Ukrainian military. In this case, the BARS detachments located in the city, units of the «LPR People's Militia» and the 20th Combined Arms Army will be completely cut off from the main grouping.

«This night will be decisive for Krasny Liman,” writes another pro-Russian Telegram channel WarGonzo.

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According to his data, there was a breakthrough of the Ukrainian military to the village of Stavki, Drobyshevo was actually blocked, there are battles for Yampol.

In turn, Butusov emphasizes that the defeat of the Russians in the «cauldron&# 187; became inevitable, the question is only in its scale.

«During the war, starting from 2014, and in 2022 as well, Ukrainian units fell into the operational encirclement more than once, and once got into «cauldron» near Ilovaisk. Then about 1300 Ukrainian Ukrainian soldiers were surrounded, during a breakthrough from the «cauldron» 270 of our soldiers died in one day. Now the Ukrainians have a chance to take revenge», — emphasizes the journalist.

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