The Secret of Old Bamboo 2 has a trailer

The Secret of Old Bamboo 2 has a trailer

Ondřej Vetchý (Hrnčíř / Karaba), Tomáš Klus and Kamila Janovičová (Jakub and Anička), Miroslav Vladyka and Jiří Lábus (advisors Ferenc and Lorenc), Petr Štěpánek (chef) and Otmar Brancuzský (general) will repeat their roles from “number one”. . Veronika Khek Kubařová plays the queen, Valentýna Bečková the princess Johanka and Markéta Plánková the chamber Hermína.

Ondřej Vetchý and Valentýna Bečková (Secrets of the Old Bambita 2)

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In the second part, Jakub and Anička are already a royal couple taking care of a little princess. The sly advisers Ferenc and Lorenc find themselves in favor of Queen Julia of the neighboring kingdom and set a trap for Karab. It will be necessary to join forces for good to prevail.

“The robber was called ‘Caramba’ in the very oldest version of the story – according to the Spanish incantation (‘Thunder’). Because we are in the Czech Republic, we renamed it Karabu and it remained, “added screenwriter Evžen Gogela.

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