the singer announces the painful loss of a loved one, her heartbreaking message

the singer announces the painful loss of a loved one, her heartbreaking message

Stars and private life

When you’re a celebrity like Marina Kaye, your life is obviously at the center of magazines, blogs, specialized sites. Some manage to maintain real privacy and discourage paparazzi from approaching them. We think in particular of the clever ploy of Daniel Radcliffe who, for six months, to wear the same clothes as soon as he left his home. Why ? So that photos taken by photographers have no commercial value.

Others, on the other hand, hide nothing about their daily life, their intimate and private. It must be said that social networks help and bring a real closeness between the celebrity and his fans. Influencers, in particular, play a lot on this aspect. Their notoriety generally comes from the fact that they do not hide anything from their ups or downs. That they show themselves daily without detour (but not without filter).

We are finally very far from the celebrities of the past, those who kept a real mystery throughout their lives and their careers, as if they don’t belong to the same world as us. This world seems to be over since now not only do fans like stars to do so-called normal things (shopping, outings with family or friends) but they especially like when it is they themselves who share these moments, and not more magazines.

Marina Kaye: she lost her grandfather and confides in her fans

Like all the stars of his time, Marina Kaye owns and operates an Instagram account. This is an opportunity for her to share photos of her in her daily life, at home, outdoors, or in the studio. Social networks make it possible, for free, to promote music, so why deny it? Still, it’s a much more personal message that she recently posted.

We discover Marina Kaye as a child, next to a smiling man with white hair. His grandfather. And unfortunately, in this specific case, the photos posted by the singer reveal the absence. Her grandfather left on July 6th. And it was with great emotion that she decided to share the news with her fans who attended, liking the publication more than 13,000 times.

I haven’t posted for several days and was hesitant to do so because I just experienced the most painful drama of my life two weeks ago now ” she begins, before continuing.My grandfather, who was by far not just my grandfather in my eyes, flew away on Tuesday July 6 to join my aunt and finally rest after a life of toil and sacrifice“.

The grandfather that Marina Kaye admired so much

The young woman does not hide the admiration she has for him, which easily explains her pain. “He was and still is the most righteous person I have ever known and I consider myself lucky to have had such a beautiful soul in my life. and now right above me to protect me“.

If she hesitated to share this news with her followers, she considers that they finally had the “right to know after all the benevolence”They brought him. “J‘would just like to tell you to enjoy your loved ones as much as you can, spray them with “I love you” daily and remember that they will be leaving someday.”She concludes.

It only remains for us to wish Marina Kaye all our condolences, hoping that she will recover from this tragedy. The luck of artists is that they draw on their emotions to better expel them in their art. Let the music serve as catharsis as it has undoubtedly always been the case. In the meantime, she will be able to console herself with the hundreds of comments left by her fans, which bring her support, love and a lot of tenderness. These are just words, but they warm hearts and make you feel less alone. And this is undoubtedly what Marina is currently looking for, she who knows how important the public is in her career.

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