“The situation is difficult”: “LPR” militants complained about the approach of Ukrainian troops

Representative of the so-called “People's Militia” of the “LPR” Andrei Marochko said that the Ukrainian forces approached the borders of the pseudo-republic. He said this on the air of the Russian propaganda channel Rossiya-1, TASS reports.

According to him, the contact line is located about 10 kilometers from the borders of the territory controlled by the LPR militants.

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“That's very little, shall we say, for military operations”, — he noted.

The militant added that “the situation is really difficult.”

At the same time, he assures that the occupied territory of the Lugansk region is allegedly completely controlled by the “people’s police” and “ allied forces.”

Marochko complained that the shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the past few days “began to increase exponentially.”

  • The “LPR” announced a massive strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the Lugansk military base.

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