The small Ukrainian town of Vinnytsia counts the bodies under the rubble | War in Ukraine

Small Ukrainian town of Vinnytsia counts bodies under rubble | War in Ukraine

A rescue worker takes a break before returning to work in the rubble of a Russian-bombed multi-storey building in downtown Vinnytsia.

Russian missiles hit Vinnytsia on Thursday , a town far from the eastern front line, killing at least 23 people, including 3 children, according to Ukrainian officials, as Moscow claims to have targeted military targets.

Faced with fear around the world – the UN secretary general said he was appalled and the EU denounced barbaric behavior by the Russians – the Russian Ministry of Defense said on Friday that its cruise missiles had struck the day before in Vinnytsia a meeting of the Ukrainian air force command with representatives of foreign arms suppliers.

The strike actually devastated the center of this small Ukrainian town located hundreds of kilometers from the front, making according to the latest assessment given by Ukrainian relief Thursday evening 23 dead, 29 missing, 71 injured hospitalized and more than one. hundred wounded treated on the spot.

Among the dead, three children at this stage including Liza Dmitrieva, a four-year-old girl with Down syndrome whose mother Iryna, amputated with a leg and always between life and death, was pushing in a bright pink stroller.

Where are we going, honey? the mom asked her daughter in a video she posted on Instagram 80 minutes before the strike. Chez Alla!, replied the little girl, shaking her blond hair, tied with a white clip in the shape of a butterfly. All that remained in Vinnytsia Square was the bloodstained pink stroller.

At least 23 people were killed Thursday by Russian strikes on Vinnytsia, shelling described as an “openly terrorist act” by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Russia does not' has never acknowledged any blunder or crime of its armed forces in Ukraine and systematically ensures that it only hits military targets.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stressed Thursday evening that this strike demonstrated once again that Russia must be officially recognized as a terrorist state.

Furthermore, London blamed Moscow for the death in captivity in occupied eastern Ukraine of a Briton , presented by some as a humanitarian and by others as a mercenary.

Paul Urey had been captive since the end of April in the Russian-occupied territories of eastern Ukraine. His death was announced Friday morning by pro-Russian separatist authorities in the Donetsk region.

Paul Urey, a British national who died in custody in the breakaway 'people's republic' of Donetsk in an undated photo.

A non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom, Presidium Network, announced on April 29 that two aid workers, Paul Urey and Dylan Healy, had been captured by the Russian army in the south of the army. Ukraine, as they sought to evacuate a woman and two children.

But according to Daria Morozova, a leader of the Donetsk separatists, Paul Urey had led military operations, recruited and trained mercenaries for the Ukrainian forces.

Suffering from diabetes, kidney, respiratory and heart problems, as well as stress, he died on July 10, she assured on Telegram.

The UK Foreign Office said it had summoned Russian Ambassador Andrei Kelin.

I am shocked by reports of the death of British aid worker Paul Urey, held on behalf of Russia in Ukraine, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said in a statement. Russia must bear full responsibility, she added.

Originally from Manchester and Warrington, in the north of England, Paul Urey is presented by Presidium Network as a family man who spent eight years in Afghanistan as a #x27;civil contractor, while Dylan Healy, of whom no news was given, had worked in a hotel chain in the United Kingdom.

The International Defense Legion of Ukraine, which groups foreign volunteer fighters who flocked to that country after the Russian offensive on February 24, also claimed that Paul Urey was an employee of an organization humanitarian.

Two other Britons, presented by the separatist authorities of the Donetsk region as mercenaries, as well as a Moroccan, were sentenced to death in June in this self-proclaimed republic and recognized by Moscow.

Boris Johnson and Volodymir Zelensky walk side by side down a street in kyiv.

The United Kingdom, under Prime Minister Boris Johnson who was the first Western leader to visit Kyiv, was one of the first countries to support Ukraine, in line with very degraded relations with Moscow for years.

The separatist authorities in Donetsk, for their part, reported on Friday morning that 4 people were killed and 16 injured by Ukrainian bombardments in the area under their control in 24 hours.

Separatist forces also claimed to be taking full control of the town of Siversk, which came under attack after taking Lysychansk further east earlier this month.

Russian forces are slowly advancing west after shelling and assaults towards Siversk from Lysychansk to open a path to Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, two other eastern towns still under Ukrainian control, according to the British ministry of the defense.

Ukraine, for its part, launched a counter-offensive in the south several weeks ago to retake Kherson, the only regional capital captured by Moscow. While the front line remains relatively stable, these attacks are increasingly powerful, with new US and European rocket systems targeting arms depots.

On the diplomatic level, a meeting of G20 finance ministers in Bali, Indonesia, gave rise to a new confrontation between the West and Russia. The big Western moneymakers have accused Russia of having created a shock wave in the world economy with its war against Ukraine, responsible for the food and energy crisis affecting many countries.

There was a very broad denunciation of the war and its consequences as Russia tried to say that the world economic situation had nothing to do with the war , a source in the French delegation told AFP.

Moscow's best ally in Europe, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban agreed, calling on EU leaders to reverse their wrongful sanctions policy.

At first I thought we had just shot ourselves in the foot, but the European economy has shot itself in the foot lungs and is asphyxiated, he said on national radio.

But the European Union will target Russian gold exports in its next round of sanctions, as decided by the G7 countries at the end of June, the commissioner told AFP on Friday. European Maros Sefcovic at a meeting of European Affairs Ministers in Prague.

This is not a symbolic measure because Russia is a big exporter of gold. This will cut off another tap of funding for Putin's war in Ukraine, he said.

The EU will also seek to close loopholes for those who circumvent previous sanctions packages against Russia, the commissioner said.

Regarding the ongoing negotiations on the blocked export of millions of tons of Ukrainian grain which is destabilizing world markets and creating the risk of famine, the Russian Ministry of Defense has indicated that a final document would be ready shortly.

According to Ankara, mediator in this case, a new meeting should take place next week on this key issue for food security in many countries, particularly in Africa.

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