The soloist of the “Lisapet Battalion” spoke about communication with the family of her late husband

The soloist of the Lisapetny Battalion spoke about her communication with the family of her late husband

The soloist of the Lisapetny Battalion band, singer Natalya Falion, said that after the death of her husband she became friends with his sister, but the ex-wife did not come to the funeral.

– They didn’t come, I invited them, I said that I don’t bite. My husband's sister came, we became friends, we call each other every day. She is from Kharkov, she talks about events, I'm worried, because this is part of my life, but what can you do – to each his own, – the singer says in the Star Trek program of the Ukraine TV channel, which is now airing on Indigo TV.

The singer's husband Sergey died of coronavirus on September 30, and shortly before that, Falion lost her son.

– It's very hard when a person you finally got used to, with whom you felt protected, leaves you , more than ever. How happiness is gone. But I have already lost my son, I experienced this loss very painfully, and the loss of my beloved too. Women are very strong, men will still envy, we always get on our feet. We don't break, we just bend a little. Never lose heart, there is a life duty, people who look at you, at your pain and joy. Let them see you joyful, and the pain will remain for the pillow, for the night when you yourself, thoughts return you to happy and difficult days, – says the artist.

In an interview with KP in Ukraine, Falion said that death although she was worried about her husband, she did not show it. I only cried when no one was watching.

Soloist " Lisapet Battalion


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