The son of Rodnyansky divorced the star of “Ranetok” Studilina

Rodnyansky's son divorced the star of

Former adviser to the President of Ukraine on economic issues Alexander Rodnyansky Jr. divorced his wife, Russian actress Yanina Studilina after 13 years of marriage. The artist spoke about this in an interview with “WomanHit”.

The reason for the breakup of the couple was the question of family life abroad and Yanina's acting career in the Russian Federation. According to the star of the series “Ranetki”, her husband was jealous of her desire to develop and live in her homeland, but she did not want to live in Europe. The couple decided to put an end to the relationship after Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

– It was hard for me to be only a mother and wife, I wanted to realize myself in the profession too and began to fly to Moscow often. Each time I had a choice: either work and my life, or a husband and life in a foreign country for me. I chose myself. Recent events have finally put an end to our relationship, my ex-husband chose life in Europe. And I decided to stay in Russia. Here are my parents, my work, my friends, – said the actress.

The couple has been together since 2008. The ex-spouses have a 5-year-old daughter, Anna, who, after a divorce, stayed with her mother in the Russian Federation.

Rodnyansky is the son of a Ukrainian and Russian producer, the founder of the 1 + 1 TV channel, Alexander Rodnyansky. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the media manager left Russia condemning the attack on our country. Rodnyansky Sr. admitted that, despite his departure to Russia, he retained his Ukrainian citizenship. In social networks, the producer also announced that he would shoot a series about Russian President Vladimir Putin in the style of “House of Cards”.

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