The star of “Nothing happens twice” Tyszkiewicz is sick: colleagues asked for help from fans

Star "Nothing happens twice" Tyshkevich is sick: colleagues asked for help from fans

Ukrainian actress Kateryna Tyshkevich, known for her role as Katya/Masha Bogdanova in movie “Nothing Happens Twice”, is struggling with an unknown disease. The actress underwent a series of examinations, but doctors have not yet been able to establish the cause of the disease. She does not get out of bed and suffers from headaches. Tyshkevich's close friend and colleague Anastasia Tsimbalaru announced this on social networks.

– Actress Katya Tyshkevich has been struggling with an unknown diagnosis for 8 years and suffers from a terrible headache. During this time, all possible methods of research and treatment in Ukraine, both traditional and non-traditional medicine, were tested, but, unfortunately, it did not work out. Now even the previous methods of treatment (17 tablets a day and constant drops) have ceased to work – Katya does not get out of bed. Throughout the full-scale war, she continued to help our country, despite the terrible pain, but now she needs help. According to the latest MRI data, changes were found in the brain, but in Ukraine they cannot diagnose, they are sent to Europe for examination, where they can make a diagnosis, find the cause, and finally prescribe an effective treatment,” Anastasia said on Facebook.

In circulation Tsimbalara asked to help an actress who, due to the war, cannot earn the necessary amount for treatment.

– Not being able to earn money in her main field of activity now, she needs to collect money. At the moment, the amount is 11.300€ (more than 350 thousand UAH) for a trip and diagnostics to Germany. But Katya continues to look for alternative, cheaper clinics that will accept her. I ask everyone to join the collection! – called the actress.

Tyshkevich is 27 years old, she comes from Odessa. Ukrainian viewers know her roles in the films and TV series “Women's Doctor”, “Family Relations”, “Poor Sasha” and “Nothing Happens Twice”. She married actor Valentin Tomusyak in 2019.

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