The star of the film “Night at the Museum” Ben Stiller visited Lviv

Night at the Museum star Ben Stiller visited Lviv

In the center of Lviv, local residents noticed the famous Hollywood actor Ben Stiller. A video with the artist was published on social networks by the townspeople.

– UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Ben Stiller is today at the border with Ukraine to meet families whose lives have been torn apart by war and violence, to share stories about the impact of war on a person and strengthen calls for solidarity,” the UNHCR Twitter page says.

The actor himself said that he had arrived in Poland to meet with refugees from Ukraine. He did not mention anything about his visit to Lvov.

– I have just arrived in Poland to meet families whose lives have been shattered by war and violence in Ukraine. Millions of people were forced to flee their homes. And more than 90% of them are women and children. I am here to learn their stories and share them. This is important to show how war takes a toll on ordinary people and to reinforce the calls for solidarity. Everyone has the right to safety. Anyone, anywhere and anytime,” Stiller wrote on his Instagram.

For what purpose Ben Stiller arrived in Lviv is still unknown. There have been no official versions about the arrival of the Hollywood star in Ukraine yet.

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