The tax on sandwiches | Massimo Gramellini

The tax on sandwiches | Massimo Gramellini

Eike Schmidt, director of Uffizi, a German, and like many Germans he loves Italy, cleanliness and taxes, not always in that order. In the name of his passions proposed the imposition of a tax to those bars in Florence that, having no outdoor tables, sell what were once called sandwiches, then they have become take-away food and now, to give themselves a demeanor, street food. A food almost always stuffed with dripping sauces that fall on the street disfiguring the cobblestones: at a certain time in the afternoon the Uffizi loggia has more stains than a baby’s bib, forcing the museum staff to divert the tea towels from the Botticelli room to ketchup and his brothers. Hence the idea of ​​the director Schmidt to charge the suppliers of the sandwiches with the cost of the daily restoration works of the urban pavement.

As you can imagine, the Schmidtian proposal, appreciable in Hesse and perhaps also in Westphalia, was not greeted by waves of popular enthusiasm in Florence. If the new tax serves the Municipality to hire more street sweepers, we begin to make those for whom we already pay taxes work more, a widespread opinion among tax payers, but also among tax evaders. There would be another street for food – educating tourists to eat less junk, or at least to eat them without creaming: – so utopian that even a visionary like Schmidt did not want to consider it.

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