The Ukrainian jury of Eurovision got into a scandal: where did the points for Poland go?

Ukrainian Eurovision jury got into a scandal: where did the points for Poland go

After the announcement of the results of voting by the audience and the professional jury for Eurovision 2022″ many drew attention to the fact that the opinions of viewers and professionals radically diverged. The Ukrainians gave the highest score of 12 points to Poland, which has been supporting the country and its inhabitants since the very first days of the war. At the same time, the jury did not give the Poles a single point. Not surprisingly, social networks exploded with negative comments, artists also joined them.

This year, Ukrainian producer Vadim Lisitsa became the head of the jury. The soloist of Pikkardiyskaya tertsiya Andrey Kapral, singer Irina Fedyshyn, conductor Andrey Yatskiv, film critic Lukyan Galkin also gave points to the finalists.

The jury gave 12 points to Great Britain, 10 to Portugal, 8 to the Netherlands, 7 to Greece, 6 to Switzerland, 5 to Azerbaijan, 4 to Sweden, 3 to Australia, 2 to Armenia, 1 to the Czech Republic.

That is, the Ukrainian jury also gave “0” to Lithuania and Romania, which also support Ukraine. 12 points were given to the UK, 10 to Portugal, 8 to the Netherlands.

After the Ukrainians began to write massively about the unprofessionalism of the jury and apologize to the Pole brothers, Irina Fedyshyn commented on her assessments. The singer assured that she gave Poland 10 points.

– The situation with Poland is not pleasant not only for you, but also for me. And if I had been on the side of the audience vote, I would have been so furious too. Because, despite the fact that Eurovision is still “as if” an apolitical contest, it is difficult to step back when there is a war in your country and Poland extends a helping hand to you more. When I saw such results, it was a shock for me too,” she said.

The singer said that each member of the jury did not know how many points someone gave, because everyone put points from himself in the form, and has no right to discuss this, because this is fixed legally under the supervision of a notary and is held accountable. Then all the points are summed up by the organizers into numbers.

– Therefore, despite the fact that you cannot make your votes public and you can be fined for this, I take a photo of my profile, where you can see how many points Poland received from me personally. How did it happen that Poland got 0 points??? I do not know the answer to this question,” she said and thanked the Polish people for their support.

Vadim Lisitsa, in turn, also confirmed that the voting took place under the close attention of a lawyer, but noted that all participants received the marks they deserved:

< p>– No one had any preferences or other incentives… As the head of the jury, I am definitely ready to bear responsibility for the democratic choice made this year.
For humanitarian, military and financial assistance to Ukraine, we will be eternally grateful to the Polish people ! But these are unrelated things, – he said.

Kalush Orchestra won the competition on the night of May 14-15 in Turin. The group entered the stage at number 12. After the performance, the team called in English to help Ukraine, save Mariupol and Azovstal. The team received the most points – 631 (192 from the jury and 439 from the audience). In second place is the United Kingdom (466), and in third – Spain (459 points).

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