The UN meeting on Ukraine was marked by the flight of Nebenzya and the appeal of Kislitsa to “well-wishers”

The UN meeting on Ukraine was marked by Nebenzya's flight and Kislitsa's appeal to

During the meeting of the UN Security Council, which discussed the situation in Ukraine, attention was paid to the food crisis, conflict-related sexual violence and human trafficking. The speeches of those present at the meeting were so bright and frank that the representative of the Russian Federation could not stand it and left the hall, writes Ukraine's permanent representative to the UN Serhiy Kyslitsa.

“KP in Ukraine” collected the brightest moments and speeches from the European Council meeting.

The flight of Nebenzi during the accession of the President of the European Council, Charles Michel

Michel, during a speech at a UN meeting on Ukraine, called the Russian Federation guilty of the upcoming food crisis in the world. In his speech, he directly addressed the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation Nebenza.

– Mr. Ambassador, let's be frank. The Kremlin is using food supplies as invisible missiles against developing countries. The dramatic consequences of the Russian war are going around in peace and are pushing for a food crisis, poverty and destabilization of the entire region. Russia bears full responsibility for this crisis – full responsibility, despite the Kremlin's campaign of lies and disinformation… Millions of tons of grain are waiting in containers and ships, because there are Russian ships in the Black Sea. It is Russian attacks that are destroying Ukraine's infrastructure, Russian tanks, bombs and mines preventing Ukraine from sowing and harvesting. The Kremlin is also attacking granaries and stealing grain from Ukraine, blaming others, Michel said.

After these words, Nebenzya got up and went to the exit. Michel did not remain silent here either, throwing after the representative of the Russian Federation that he could leave the hall, because “it’s easier not to hear the truth.” On the sidelines, Nebenzya told reporters that he “couldn't stay”, accusing Charles Michel of a “lie”.

-Never before has Putin's envoy been so nervous,” commented Serhiy Kislitsa, Ukraine's permanent representative to the UN.


The topic of sexual violence in times of war

The UN Security Council declared that it condemns any form of sexual violence, which can never be forgiven, justified or amnestied. According to the Special Representative for Sexual Violence in Conflict, Pramilla Patten, the number of such reports is on the rise.

“Since June, the UN team has received reports of 124 cases of conflict-related sexual violence against women, girls, men and boys,” she noted, noting that the majority of reports (56) involve women.

Patten She added that the available data is only the “tip of the iceberg” and does not reflect the scale of sexual violence caused by Russia's war against Ukraine. She stressed that she expects further consultations with the Russian Federation mission to the UN on possible forms of cooperation in this area.

Kislytsya's appeal to “well-wishers”, offering Ukraine to yield

If the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine are not liberated, the Russian Federation will turn them into new strongholds for the next attacks. This was stated at the meeting by Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN Serhiy Kislitsa.

“There is hardly any other European nation that, in such a short historical period, would have experienced such deep devastation by the Bolsheviks, Stalin, Hitler and, finally, Putler,” said Ukraine's permanent representative to the UN. – 77 years ago, mankind united in the struggle around the destruction of evil. Tens of millions of lives were given to make us understand that appeasement and concessions to the aggressor do not work. History tends to repeat itself if its lessons are not learned.

He stressed that “Putin's Russia must be defeated in the name of international peace and security.” But for the sake of the Ukrainian people, who pay the highest price.

Kislitsa also stressed that Putin's statements about his readiness to unblock food exports from Ukraine are “far from reality.” According to him, Ukraine is looking for solutions to prevent a global food crisis, but the question is “how to make sure that the Russian Federation does not abuse the trade route to attack Odessa.”

He stressed that this issue has become more relevant after the occupiers’ missile attack on Kyiv, when a factory was bombed that was engaged in the repair of grain wagons that are used for rail transportation of grain to the seaports of Ukraine.

– All Putin’s tales about his readiness to facilitate the export of Ukrainian wheat, which he talks so eloquently to his rare interlocutors, they remain too far from reality,” Kyslytsya emphasized.

The Permanent Representative of Ukraine also recalled that Putin, in an interview published on June 3, claimed that Russia guarantees “peaceful passage without any or problems in international waters” for ships with grain, in particular, from Odessa, and “will not use the situation of mine clearance in order to carry out any attacks from the sea.” His words were violated already on June 5.

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