The UN will conduct an investigation into the video with the “execution of captured invaders”

UN will investigate video of "execution of captive occupiers" /></p>
<p>The UN will conduct an investigation after the appearance of videos allegedly depicting the execution by the Ukrainian military of surrendered Russian occupiers. BILD writes about this.</p>
<p>According to DPA, a spokeswoman for the UN Geneva office for human rights, allegations of the execution of people who are no longer participating in hostilities should be “quickly, fully and effectively investigated, and those responsible brought to justice.”</p>
<p>The videos in question began circulating on social media in mid-November. In the first video, the Ukrainian military takes a group of people dressed in Russian uniforms prisoner in the courtyard of a residential building. The video cuts off abruptly as another person enters the frame and a gunshot-like sound is heard. The second footage, probably filmed from a drone over the same location, shows the bodies of 12 occupiers. What happened between the two videos is unknown.</p>
<li>The New York Times confirmed the authenticity of the video, but did not establish what actually happened.</li>
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