The United States published a list of weapons received by Ukraine

US releases list of weapons received by Ukraine

Since the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the United States has sent about $5.6 billion worth of military aid to Kyiv. This was reported on the website of the Pentagon.

– On June 15, the Ministry of Defense announced additional assistance to Ukraine in the field of security in the amount of $1 billion. This authorization is the twelfth withdrawal of equipment from the US Department of Defense stocks for Ukraine since August 2021, the message says.

As noted in the department, the United States is simultaneously interacting with allies and partners to provide Ukraine with additional defensive capabilities.

Also, the Pentagon published a complete list of weapons sent to Ukraine:

  • more than 1.4 thousand Stinger anti-aircraft systems and 6.5 thousand Javelin anti-tank systems;
  • more than 20 thousand other anti-armor systems;
  • more than 700 Switchblade tactical unmanned aerial systems;
  • 126 155-mm howitzers, as well as 260 thousand shells for them;
  • 108 tactical tractors for transporting 155mm howitzers;
  • 19 tactical repair vehicles;
  • highly mobile multiple rocket launchers and ammunition for them;
  • hundreds of armored, highly mobile multi-purpose wheeled vehicles;
  • 200 M113 armored personnel carriers;
  • over 7,000 small arms;
  • over 50 million rounds of small arms ammunition;
  • 75 thousand sets of body armor and helmets;
  • 121 Phoenix Ghost tactical unmanned aerial systems;
  • laser-guided missile systems;
  • Puma unmanned aerial systems;
  • coastal defense unmanned vessels;
  • < li>22 counter-artillery radars;

  • four counter-mortar radars;
  • four air defense radars;
  • two Harpoon coastal defense systems;
  • anti-personnel mines M18A1 Claymore;
  • S-4 explosive kits and explosive obstacle clearance equipment;
  • tactical secure communications systems;
  • thousands of night vision devices, thermal imaging systems, optics and laser rangefinders;
  • commercial satellite imagery services;
  • protection against explosive ordnance;
  • protection against chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear threats;
  • medical support, including first aid kits;
  • electronic interference equipment;
  • field equipment and spare parts;

    financing of Ukrainian military exercises nyh, maintenance and support of equipment and weapons.

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