The US is sending troops to Europe. Just in case

The United States is moving troops to Europe. Just in case

US President Joe Biden announced the deployment of new American forces in European territory. He noted that “Putin has broken the peace in Europe. The US and allies are stepping up, proving that NATO is needed more than ever.” Biden promises to strengthen the Alliance in all directions – on land, at sea and in the air.

There are already 100,000 Americans in Europe

In Poland, according to Biden, the United States will create a permanent headquarters 5 1st US Army Corps. This will increase the compatibility of US and NATO troops along the entire eastern flank of the Alliance.

Two additional F-35 fighter squadrons will be sent to the UK, and air defense will be strengthened in Germany and Italy.

“We will strengthen the US military position in Europe in response to the changing security situation. The US will send two additional destroyers to the military -a naval base in the Spanish city of Rota,” the American leader said.

The states will also increase military power in Romania and the Baltic region. Romania will have a rotational brigade of up to 3,000 fighters and 2,000 non-military personnel.

The United States has increased its total force in Europe from 60,000 troops before the Russian invasion of Ukraine to about 100,000 now. Strengthened mainly by countries located along the eastern flank of Europe.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden ordered US troops in Europe to strengthen the defenses of states bordering Ukraine. He instructed Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to deploy forces to the US European Command zone of operations in the Baltic states, in Poland and on the southeastern flank of NATO.

There are US bases throughout Europe

From Italy an operational group of an infantry battalion numbering about 800 military personnel was deployed to the Baltic countries. Eight F-35 Lightning II aircraft, thirty-two An-64 Apache attack helicopters were also transferred here from Germany.

Thousand soldiers from a squadron equipped with Stryker armored vehicles were transferred from Germany to Romania.

An infantry brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division was transferred to Poland from Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

Companies equipped with Stryker armored vehicles are deployed in Hungary and Bulgaria.


American bases are located throughout Europe. Most of them are in Germany – five bases. The headquarters of the US Army is located in Wiesbaden, a small town 40 km from Frankfurt am Main, and the headquarters of the US Marine Corps is in the town of Böblingen in the southwest of the country. American air bases are located at Ramstein and Spangdahlem. In addition, it is believed that up to 20 American nuclear warheads are stored at the Bundeswehr air base in Büchel. In addition, Ramstein Air Base is used as a control center for drones deployed in the Middle East.

In Greece, the United States has three bases on the mainland and a naval base in Crete. There are US bases throughout Western Europe: in the UK, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, as well as in Norway, Iceland and Turkey.

Overall, US troop levels in Europe have been on the rise since the Cold War. Then the number of the American military contingent on the continent was estimated at 350 thousand people.

Expert Opinion

They won't go to war for us anyway

Oleg Zhdanov, international security expert:

– The increase in the number of US troops actually means a return to the Cold War. Then there was the largest accumulation of American forces in Europe. And this will show the complete failure of Russia, since it cannot compete in power with the United States and NATO in any way.

Besides, this will be the strongest image blow to the Russian Federation. By starting a war in Ukraine, Moscow sought non-expansion of NATO and reduction of American troops in Europe, but got a diametrically opposite result.

But this does not mean that the Americans will fight for us. They will never go into direct conflict with the Russians, unless, of course, they attack one of the NATO members.

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