The Voice 2021: A new stage, a “late show” with Nikos Aliagas … The new features of the season

For this tenth season of “The Voice”, TF1 and IPTV Studios are preparing heavy. In addition to the fundamentals that make the program successful, there are new features that could spice up the game between coaches. For his part, Nikos Alias ​​takes control of a more intimate after-party.
After nine successful seasons, The Voice is making a comeback for a tenth edition in 2021. Viewers will find Nikos Aliagas at the helm of the TF1 tele-hook, but in the team of coaches, things are moving. Amel Bent and Marc Lavoine rempilent, Florent Pagny sign a comeback and Vianney arrived. Another novelty of season 10: a new stage for the Talents and their coaches!

The process remains the same, or almost. After the blind auditions, the young singers selected will pass the Battle stage then the KO stage. ” Every year, we keep our fundamentals. But we still want to spice things up with new ways of telling the story ” , explains Matthieu Grelier, director of programs at ITV Studios (producer of The Voice ), during the press videoconference. This is how a new stage slips just before the direct: the cross battles !

The principle is simple: Nikos Aliagas appoints a coach, the latter chooses one of his talents and appoints another coach. The second coach in turn designates one of his talents and the two candidates compete on stage. No question of duet, each one interprets the song of his choice. And the role of the coaches ends there since it is the public, present on the set, who will vote and choose the winner of this cross battle. Before this new stage, Florent Pagny, Marc Lavoine, Amel Bent and Vianney were all at the head of a team of four talents. After these cross battles, some may well find themselves … without a candidate! Indeed, they will not all have the same number of talents for direct.

Another novelty of the season in the second part of the evening. Nikos Aliagas will find the four coaches. But no red armchairs for Florent Pagny, Amel Bent, Marc Lavoine and Vianney. All five will be around a table with vintage armchairs. An atmosphere ” very talk show of the 1980s “, like ” a late show but without the comedians “, explains the host. Finally, the paths of two candidates will be discovered via a documentary available on the MYTF1 platform.

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