The war in Ukraine left 9,000 dead in the ranks of kyiv | War in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine left 9000 dead in the ranks of kyiv | War in Ukraine

Ukraine has reportedly recorded nearly 9,000 deaths in its ranks since the start of the Russian invasion six months ago.

Ukraine acknowledged on Monday that nearly 9,000 of its soldiers had been killed since the start of the Russian invasion six months ago, while the European Union (EU) considers a mission ” of training” of the Ukrainian army in the face of a “war that lasts”.

For his part, Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced a despicable crime after the death of the daughter of an ideologue supporting the offensive in Ukraine in the explosion of his car near Moscow, which the authorities Russians blame kyiv.

Speaking at a forum in kyiv, the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army, General Valery Zalouzhny, told him that Ukrainian children needed special attention, as their father had gone to the front and was probably among nearly 9,000 heroes who had been killed.

This is one of the rare declarations of Ukrainian officials about military losses of kyiv in this war, launched on February 24 by Moscow and which put Ukraine on fire and blood.< /p>

The previous estimate dates from mid-April, when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky mentioned the figure of 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed and around 10,000 wounded since the start of the offensive Russian.

While many European countries are supplying military equipment to Ukraine, the EU is planning to organize a training and assistance mission. Ukrainian army that would take place in neighboring countries, the EU's high representative for foreign policy, Josep Borrell, said on Monday.

The proposal will be discussed next week in Prague, during the Council of Defense Ministers of EU Member States.

A war that lasts and looks like it will last requires an effort not only in terms of supplying equipment, but also training and helping to organize the army, commented Mr. Borrell at a press conference in Spain.

We are facing a full-scale war, a conventional war with extraordinarily large means and hundreds of thousands of soldiers, he explained.

Ten million Ukrainians have left their country, it's as if 20% of Spaniards had left Spain, insisted the high representative of the EU, of Spanish nationality.


We are at a time when the front is stabilizing. Even if the Russian army continues to attempt [limited] offensives, we see a loss of momentum; Moscow is in a defensive position over much of the front and part of its rear in Ukraine, Dimitri Minic, a researcher at the Russia/NIS Center at the French Institute for International Relations (IFRI), told AFP. .

Two American B-52 Stratofortress bombers, based in the United Kingdom, flew over several countries in south-eastern Europe at low altitude on Monday, a new show of force to underline the US commitment to NATO members amid war in Ukraine, US command said.

On the ground in Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday that its troops had killed up to 100 Ukrainian soldiers in three different localities in the Donetsk region, 30 in the Zaporizhia region, as well as 50 in the Mykolaiv region in eastern Ukraine.

Dozens of Ukrainian armored vehicles were destroyed there, along with eight command posts, a Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile system and six weapons and ammunition depots for rockets and artillery, according to the ministry.

The Russian security services (FSB) on Monday accused the Ukrainian special services of having killed the daughter of a reputed ideologue close to the Kremlin, who died on Saturday evening in the explosion of her car near Moscow.

According to an FSB statement quoted by Russian news agencies, the car driven by Daria Dougina was trapped by a woman of Ukrainian nationality born in 1979, who arrived in Russia in July with her minor daughter. This Ukrainian woman then fled to Estonia with her daughter.

A despicable, cruel crime brought a premature end to the life of Daria Douguina, a brilliant and talented person endowed with x27;a truly Russian heart, Putin said in a message of condolence to the relatives of the young woman killed on Saturday.

Journalist and political scientist born in 1992, Daria Douguina was the daughter of Alexander Dougin, an ultranationalist ideologue and writer promoting an expansionist doctrine and fierce supporter of the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

Improved on Saturday by the media believe that the target of the attack was in fact Alexander Dugin, Ukraine on Sunday denied any involvement in Dugina's death.

Ukraine certainly had nothing to do with [Saturday's] explosion, because we are not a criminal state, a adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, Mikhaïlo Podoliak.

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