The White Night of Avilés resurfaces pushed by live art and de-escalation

The White Night of Avilés resurfaces pushed by live art and de-escalation

The organizers of this year’s edition – the last one, came to nothing as a result of the pandemic – presented a program in which they include verses, art in the shop windows of closed premises, painting in the streetand. It is expected that the balconies are improvised stages for shows… and even didactic theater.

The Be Friends academy organizes the children’s show with Piquero Producciones. “Le Pain ??, the bread !!” Because the art of the White Night is for all ages, because all will be safe. The organization has planned security cordons and restricted capacity. It is about showing that culture is safe.

The Councilor for Culture, Yolanda Alonso, left the leading role in the presentation of the White Night program to four of the people who have worked to make it possible. “The high degree of participation that we have found and the willingness to collaborate of entities and individuals on an individual basis is commendable.” , thanked the person in charge of the avilesina cultural policy. Those people are Federico Granell, author of the poster for the cultural event, inspired by the image of a child who has before him a model of Avilés with which he is about to play; Anabel Barrio and the gallery owners Emilio Suárez and Angélica García, faithful squires of the White Night since its inception.

The cultural marathon will also overlap with the first day of the Urban Art Festival, which will last until the 20th. So, lyrical singers like Maite de la Cal or Gaspar Braña take to the streets; the painter Vicente Pastor; the actress Aida Valladares and the dancer Mónica Núñez; the costume expert Maite Capín … The church of Llaranes will show all its secrets at the hands of the Alfoz de Gauzón Study Center. Raku style ceramics will be prepared and all this with the music of the Conservatory students.


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