The wife of the military of the Russian Federation, who called to rape Ukrainian women, was put on the international wanted list | VIDEO

Russian military wife who called to rape Ukrainian women was put on the international wanted list | VIDEO

Ukrainian law enforcement officers completed the investigation and filed an indictment against a Russian citizen who called her husband — Russian military man Roman Bykovsky — rape Ukrainian women. It is reported by the project «Radio Liberty» «Schemes«.

The Russian woman was informed of suspicion of violating the laws and customs of war, she was put on the international wanted list. The Security Service of Ukraine, under the procedural guidance of the Office of the Prosecutor General, completed the pre-trial investigation.

As law enforcement officers established, & # 171; a citizen of the Russian Federation, on the basis of personal hostility to Ukrainian society and disdain for Ukrainian women, called her husband & # 8212; a serviceman of the occupying army of the Russian Federation, whose units were located on the territory of the Kherson region, to rape Ukrainian women under temporary occupation».

The law enforcers established in her actions a violation of Part 2 of Art. 27 of the Convention for the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War and the Geneva Conventions as they relate to the protection of victims of international armed conflicts.

The article on violation of the laws and customs of war provides for a penalty of up to 12 years' imprisonment.


According to «Schemes», she was put on the state, interstate and international wanted list, as well as in absentia, a measure of restraint in the form of detention was chosen, which can be applied after her arrest.

According to sources «Schemes» among law enforcement officers, we are talking about a citizen of the Russian Federation Olga Bykovskaya. Earlier, journalists identified the Bykovskys, a fragment of the conversation of which was intercepted by the SBU.

In it, the Russian military spoke with his wife, who, laughing, encouraged her husband to «rape Ukrainian women».

They turned out to be 27-year-old paratrooper Roman Bykovsky, who participated in Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and his wife — Olga Bykovskaya, both — originally from the Oryol region of the Russian Federation.

In a conversation with journalists & # 171; Radio Liberty & # 187; Bykovsky said that the voice on the recording of the SBU — not his. However, his voice — the same as on «films» law enforcement officers. Olga Bykovskaya's voice also completely coincides with the voice on the audio recording published by the Ukrainian special service.

During a conversation with reporters, she said that her husband was in Sevastopol, specifying that he was being treated in the hospital after being wounded. Where exactly is — said she did not know.

After that, Bykovskaya interrupted the conversation and dropped further calls. Neither Roman Bykovsky nor his wife responded to messages on social networks. After the conversation, Olga deleted the «VKontakte» page altogether.

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