The winner of “The Bachelor” Shulgina again faced a hate: bots wrote because of the support of Ukraine

The winner of "The Bachelor" Shulgina again faced a hate: bots wrote because of the support of Ukraine

The winner of the Bachelor project, Alexander Shulgina, eleven years after the reality finale, again faced a wave of hate. This time because of the support of Ukraine in social networks. According to Shulgina, after the attack by the Russian Federation, she actively published posts where she condemned Russia's actions and called for an end to the war in her native country, helped migrants with emigration and sent money to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which caused indignation among subscribers from the so-called “L/DNR”. She spoke about this in an interview with KP in Ukraine.

– During the entire war, about 8 thousand people unsubscribed from me. These are the people who supported the “military special operation”, as they call it. And I blocked. In the first month, she very actively exposed everything that was happening in Ukraine, conducted broadcasts, where she called everything by its proper name: “Russia attacked Ukraine.” There were many bots on the page – not Russians, not Belarusians, but those who are from the “L/DPR”. “Where have you been for eight years?”, “So you need it” – they wrote a lot of such nasty things. But from Moscow and other Russian cities they wrote and asked how and where to send money, how to help. But I've been used to criticism since The Bachelor, so I reacted quite normally (smiles). Somewhere I even understand that people have been zombified for 20 years and it's just hard to realize now. what is actually happening. But I believe that all the same, the eyes of these people will be opened, their minds will be cleared and they will understand in which country and with what leadership they live, – Alexandra admitted.

The girl's family and friends are now in Kyiv, and Alexandra herself left her homeland three weeks before the start of the war. The girl learned about the Russian attack on Ukraine on vacation in Mexico on her lover's birthday.

– I learned about what was happening from the message of an American friend who simply wrote that the sky was closed, the war had begun. I immediately called my sister, who was still sleeping, my mom and dad [in Ukraine]. They did not understand what was happening, but I learned earlier in Mexico that Russia had attacked Ukraine. Of course, psychologically it was very difficult. We just arrived to celebrate a birthday, everyone is walking, relaxing, and for these seven days I was like in a fog, crying, constantly sitting on the phone, monitoring the news, afraid to go to bed so as not to oversleep some events. I woke up with my phone and went to sleep with my phone. We can say that she did not live, but existed, – Sasha clarified.

Shulgina is a participant in the first season of the reality show “The Bachelor” with choreographer Max Chmerkovsky. In the final, the dancer chose Alexandra, but their relationship did not continue. After the completion of the project, Shulgina developed as a blogger, and also released sportswear of her own brand. Currently, he blogs about a healthy lifestyle, conducts meditations, courses and webinars for girls – how to accept and love yourself. In early June, she gave birth to a daughter. Sasha does not advertise the name of his beloved, calling him “Superman”. The chosen one Shulgina has his own business and two sons from a previous relationship.

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