The wounded Rogozin will forever remain with a fragment of a mine in his body

The wounded Rogozin will forever remain with a mine fragment in his body

From the body of the ex-head of «Roskosmos» Dmitry Rogozin, doctors will not be able to remove a fragment of a mine. This was announced by his assistant, reports «TSN«.

«Dmitry Rogozin assesses his condition as satisfactory. Now he is undergoing another dressing. According to the conclusion of the doctors, a fragment of a mine that hit the spine cannot be removed,” the assistant said.

He also informed that Rogozin decided not to leave occupied Donetsk until the condition of other wounded was stabilized.

According to the assistant to the ex-chairman of «Roskosmos», after the shelling, all the victims were taken to different hospitals for their safety.

  • On December 21, Rogozin was wounded in Donetsk and “the head of the government of the DNR”.

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