There are fewer and fewer police officers in Montreal, according to their union

There are fewer and fewer police officers in Montreal, according to their union

The Police Brotherhood judges that the number of police officers within the SPVM has declined, despite the mayor's announcement.

Resignations, retirements. .. There are fewer and fewer police officers working on the island of Montreal, which has to deal with a growing problem of armed violence.

In a letter addressed to Mayor Valérie Plante, the president of the Brotherhood of Montreal police officers accuses him of turning a blind eye to the problems of retaining police officers in the ranks of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal ( SPVM).

According to the union leader, the number of police officers in the metropolis has increased from 4410 to 4338 in the last 10 months.

We therefore see that rather than adding 250 police officers as required by the situation and your commitment, you have, on the whole, removed 72 from the ranks, denounces Yves Francoeur.

The creation of new units to counter crime problems in Montreal has only further emptied neighborhood stations already short of police resources, again according to the letter consulted by Radio-Canada.

Yves Francoeur says that this missive is the fourth he has sent to the Plante administration to decry the problem of retention in the police ranks.

In addition to retirements, the president of the Montreal police union, Yves Francoeur, deplores that 40 police officers have resigned from the SPVM since the beginning of 2022.

We only received one response that evaded the question and spoke of hiring without considering the number of departures. What's the point of bragging about hiring if, since your re-election, these hirings are lower than the number of departures?, writes the president of the police union.

“Faced with the obvious reduction in patrol staff, our members are surprised to hear you say that the SPVM has enough resources, while the police officers are buried in compulsory overtime. which they no longer want.

—Yves Francoeur, president of the Montreal Police Brotherhood.

Mayoress Valérie Plante's office says she will respond to the letter from the Brotherhood of police officers during the question period, during the next city council.

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