There are huge queues at the entrance to the Crimean bridge. Cars are inspected in several stages | VIDEO

There are huge lines at the entrance to the Crimean Bridge. Cars are screened in several stages | VIDEO

< p> At the entrance to the damaged Crimean bridge, a huge queue formed. This is reported by the Telegram channel «PE/Simferopol«.

“There is a hell of a traffic jam in front of the Kerch Bridge. We have been standing for 4.5 hours, although we arrived at 15 before the stop line. Apparently, the cars are dismantled to the bolts. In 40 minutes, only one car passed in front of us. This is the road to Crimea”, — writes the channel.

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from Crimea Leonid Babashov in a commentary to the Daily Storm said that the inspection of cars at the entrance to the Crimean bridge takes place in several stages.

“Passengers with things get out of the car and go through the security screen. Everything is as it should be. I myself have not yet passed, but colleagues drove by and told me. These are the norms on the bridge,” Babashov added.

On October 17, Russian authorities resumed the movement of buses along the Crimean bridge. After that, a traffic jam formed on the Russian side. According to the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, 80 buses have passed over the bridge in the last 24 hours.

  • Russia has ordered the repair of the Crimean bridge until July 2023.

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