There is a many-kilometer traffic jam in front of the Crimean bridge | VIDEO

Multi-kilometer traffic jam in front of the Crimean bridge | VIDEO

In front of the Crimean bridge A multi-kilometer line of cars lined up across the bridge. This was reported by the Telegram channel «Caution, the news«.

According to the channel, due to the fact that border guards scan every car in search of prohibited items, the flow of cars moves very slowly.< /p>

Eyewitnesses say that in 6 hours the cars advanced only one kilometer, although a week ago they passed the check in front of the bridge in just an hour.

“Hungry since the morning. They called the administration of the Crimea and Krasnodar. Nobody can answer anything. The Ministry of Emergency Situations sort of set up tents 10 km from the bridge. And what should we do, standing in front of the bridge for 6-10 hours already? ”, – said one of the eyewitnesses. ” width=”625″ height=”1111″ preload=”metadata” controls=”controls” data-poster-webp=” webp” data-poster-image=””>

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