There is nothing but a shovel: Occupiers talk about full mobilization and offensive in audio interception | VIDEO

There is nothing but a shovel: Occupants talk about full mobilization and offensive in audio interception | VIDEO

A serviceman of the Russian Federation, in a conversation with his friend, said that information was received from various sources about the full mobilization in Russia with a subsequent offensive. The audio interception of the conversation is published by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

In the audio interception, the occupier informs his friend about the plans of the command and the complete understaffing of the personnel. According to him, a week after the injury, they are again sent to the front line.

In addition, various sources report that full mobilization is expected before or after the new year, followed by an offensive.

Also an invader shares the orders of the Russian command, it calls on the military to dig in and go on the attack. The Russian says that only one company is prepared — 30 people, the rest are drinking.

In addition, the occupier complains about the lack of weapons. According to him, there should be camera traps, anti-aircraft defense, but nothing but a shovel.

  • Reznikov warned Russians about Putin's plans to close the borders of the Russian Federation and complete mobilization.

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