There was a video of the recent shelling of Kyiv by Russia through the eyes of the patrol | VIDEO

Video of the recent Russian shelling of Kyiv through the eyes of patrols has emerged | VIDEO

First Deputy Head of the Department of Patrol Police Aleksey Biloshitsky showed how the patrol saw the enemy shelling of Kyiv on November 23. He posts the video on his Facebook page.

«Tor battalion inspectors Andrei Butsenko, Vladimir Shishkov and Vitaly Bondarev were moving to their patrol square. Suddenly, a powerful explosion occurred a few tens of meters from them. They immediately rushed to the epicenter of the incident. There was a traffic jam on the roads, so we decided that it was more likely to walk. Arrived at the scene began to provide medical assistance to the victims. A tourniquet was placed on one man with a severe limb wound and handed over to military doctors. A moment later they were joined by additional police carriages, ambulances and rescuers & # 187;, & # 8212; Biloshitsky writes.

He noted that law enforcement officers further ensured the unhindered passage of operational vehicles, guarded the scene of the incident and assisted in the evacuation of victims.

«We never knew before what the next shift had prepared, what challenges. Now – even more so. But we are ready to do everything necessary to come to the rescue and protect. Like every member of society, they must now do everything possible to take care of safety. His and relatives», — Biloshitsky emphasized.

He urged to prepare for various scenarios of perfidy of the enemy. Biloshitsky promised that the Ukrainians together will overcome all problems with light, water, heat, infrastructure and darkness on the streets.

«This is all temporary. Will and freedom are eternal. We remember this and stand», — he emphasized.

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