There were 12 of us, and there were three left when I left: the AFU captured the “Wagnerian” | VIDEO

There were 12 of us, and there were three left when I left: AFU captured a Wagnerian ; | VIDEO

Ukrainian defenders captured a Russian from PMC «Wagner», who «mobilized» from jail. This was announced by the press officer of the First Separate Special Forces Brigade. Ivan Bohun Taras Berezovets, writes Censor.NET.

Detained near Bakhmut «Wagnerian» was captured by the soldiers of the 515th special forces battalion «Zalіznі vovka» as part of the First Separate Special Purpose Brigade named after Ivan Bohun.

Berezovets noted that the invader was wounded, and the Ukrainian defenders provided him with medical assistance.

According to the prisoner, this was his first battle. He was serving a sentence due to drugs, a fatal accident and robbery.

The man said that his name is Kurinev Igor Olegovich, he lived in the city of Sarapul, he has children. He's already «did it» 5.5 years. He has 1 year and 9 months to serve.

The mercenary said that there were about 12 military men in his detachment, and only 30 people. Of these, about 3 remained. The occupier himself was also wounded.

«There were three left when I left. I went to the evacuation point. Tanchik (thresh-hundred. — Ed.), Today, at 9 something», — he says.

In the Lisichansk direction, the invader added, there were about 500 «Wagnerites», but later they were all taken out of there to the forest belt.

< p>«We arrived 3 days ago. We brought 40 people. And so periodically every 2-3 days they brought», – said the occupier.

The prisoner said that there were many wounded and killed in the ranks of Russians.

  • As reported by the media, the bodies of the killed «Wagnerites» transported from the front line to Russian cities with the help of ordinary truckers.

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