“They accuse us of blackface, but it’s ghettoizing not being able to play black singers” – Corriere.it

“They accuse us of blackface, but it’s ghettoizing not being able to play black singers” – Corriere.it

from Renato Franco

The host of «Such and Which Show»: «We took a black competitor, so no one will talk about blackface anymore. Let’s hope they don’t accuse us of whiteface … “

“I think that it would be truly ghettoizing not being able to represent the many black artists, icons of black music, who have made the history of music ». It starts again Such and Which Show and for Carlo Conti the first preventive controversy to dodge is that of blackface (the trick to take the form of a black person). «There was an indication not to be black singers anymore – explained the conductor -, and then I said to myself: can’t we take a white person to play a black person? Let’s get a black one, and no one will talk about blackface anymore. ‘ So here it is in the cast of the program Deborah Johnson, of African American origins. In short, Conti does not understand but adapts. And he stings: «But if we had to make her interpret an Italian singer I hope they don’t accuse us of whiteface…».

The director of Rai1 Stefano Coletta does not understand but also adapts. Here the theme is another. On Mediaset Thursday he debuts Star in the Star (produced by Banijay), which many imagine as a mixture of As such e The masked singer (both produced by Endemol Shine, also from the Banijay group). «Now the continuous production of formats risks slipping into many similarities and similarities. I understood that the Canale 5 program would have a close affinity with the Masked singer
, but in my long authorial history I have firmly believed that programs can only be evaluated when we see them. A program is also made up of a dynamic that happens in the studio. But I’m honest, it’s clear that I didn’t like it going on the day before As such, a matter of courtesy, fairness“. Above all, however, it must make us think about a problem that no one seems to want to address: an external production company that sells similar formats to competing companies.

Apart from controversy, it begins without superstition on Friday 17 in prime time on Rai1, with “dedication to Raffaella Carrà“. Judges Goggi, Panariello and Malgioglio, as well as an imitator who wears the characteristics of a different character from week to week (in the first episode Sgarbi). In the cast the singer Francesca Alotta (of course this is easy …); Stefania Orlando, who returned to TV last year with the Big Brother Vip 5; Federica Nargi, former tissue of Strip the news; singer Deborah Johnson; the comedian Biagio Izzo; Pierpaolo Pretelli, also a former competitor of the GF VIP 5; Dennis Fantina, winner of the first edition of Friends by Maria De Filippi (at the time, They will be famous); Ciro Priello, comedian of The Jackal; the Guidonia Gemini, already seen in programs such as Long live RaiPlay; the actor Simone Montedoro. Then Alba Parietti, who speaks of herself not as a person but as a character: “I will do as inExorcist: I will leave this body to see if I am capable of not being Parietti ».

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