They are admired by Vakarchuk, Barsky, Badoev: young Ukrainians became famous for their singing

Vakarchuk, Barskikh, Badoev admire them: young Ukrainians became famous for their singing

Our children, without planning it themselves, become known to the whole world for their singing. Leo from Irpen sounded in the Pink Floyd video, Amelia Anisovich was appreciated by the American singer Idina Menzel and actress Shannen Doherty. Solomiya Reut is listened to on the streets of the Dnieper, and Zlata Solonenko is admired by Max Barskikh and Alan Badoev.

Look how beautiful competition among our artists is growing.

Leonard Bush

3-year-old Leo fell in love with the whole country for the performance of the song “Oh, at the moon of red viburnum.” In March, the young artist with his parents recorded a video to support Andrey Khlyvnyuk after being injured. The boy became a star not only in Ukraine, he also appeared in the clip of the legendary band Pink Floyd.

– The story of Leo's singing gained incredible momentum not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Television, radio, magazines, newspapers, online publications and many other sources publish materials about the baby. Of course, I am proud of this, – then the father of the young star Alexander Bush admitted. However, I would like to point out an important point. The main thing in this story is that somehow his performance helps people. To each in his own way. Someone raises morale, calms someone, gives someone the strength to survive something difficult, someone inspires creativity, someone just causes a smile, and someone has a tear … In any case, if there is an opportunity to do a good deed – we must do it. I am very happy that the baby was able to give a gift of such magnitude!

Subsequently, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk invited the boy to his charity concert “I will be kind”, which took place on Easter Sunday at the Golden Gate metro station of the capital. Leo performed the song “Ocean Elzy” “Not your war”.

– Leo had to learn the verse and chorus, but asked to put the whole song to the end. He enjoys music, instruments, vocals, rhythm. From the first notes to the end of the song. Listening to music, his emotions, look, movements change. He feels and he really likes it, – says his dad.

Not only Leonard sings in the family, but also his older brother Alvin. For Vyshyvanka Day, the guys sang the song Kalush Orchestra Stefania.

With the beginning of a full-scale war, the family ran away from the explosions from Irpin. Their house subsequently came under fire. At the end of May, the family returned to their hometown.

They are admired by Vakarchuk , Barskikh, Badoev: young Ukrainians became famous for their singing

Amelia Anisovich

7-year-old Amelia Anisovich became known to the whole world after singing a song from the cartoon “Frozen” in a Kiev bomb shelter at the beginning of the war. Marta Smekhova published a video of Amelia singing on March 3 on the social network:

– From the first word, there was complete silence in the bomb shelter. Everyone put their affairs aside and listened to the song performed by this girl, who simply radiated light. Even the men could not hold back their tears. Amelia, your singing left no one indifferent!

The singer's singing did not leave indifferent not only all those present in the bomb shelter. The video of the girl impressed thousands of people around the world and quickly scattered on social networks and the world media. The New York Post, BBC, The Independent, Daily Mail, CNN wrote about her. Amelia's performance touched both the American actress and singer Idina Menzel, who voiced the main character of the cartoon Elsa, and the English football legend Harry Lineker. They also posted a video of Amelia on social media.

Subsequently, in Poland, where a charity concert was held in support of Ukraine, Amelia Anisovich, together with Tina Karol, sang the anthem of Ukraine. And on March 27, at the international charity marathon Save Ukraine – #StopWar in Poland, Amelia Anisovich sang again a song from the cartoon “Frozen”. On June 11, she had the honor to sing the anthem of Ukraine before the Ukraine-Armenia football match.

Now the girl is with her mother in Poland, goes to school there, learns Polish a little, teaches local Ukrainian, but really dreams of returning home.< /p>

Solomiya Reut

7-year-old Solomiya Reut weekly goes to the central streets of the Dnieper with the flag of Ukraine, plays the flute and collects money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Solomiyka's repertoire includes a variety of Ukrainian songs, and the most popular among listeners are the anthem of Ukraine and Stefania.

– “Oh, look, this is the little one that raised a lot of money!” – this is how the Dnieper teenagers describe Solomyyka to each other, – says the girl's mother Ksenia Reut. – And also: – Oh, look! Let's give the child some money. “Yes, I wanted to buy something to eat. – Yes, you zae * al eat. Put down the money. And – put it.

For two months, Solomiya managed to collect more than 130 thousand hryvnias. The girl and her mother spend the collected money on the purchase of ammunition for the military. She has already managed to buy several bulletproof vests, a portable solar station and unloading for a machine gun.

Solomiya has been studying music for only six months, but during this time she has mastered the instrument quite well. As Ksenia admits, her daughter really idolizes the defenders and dreams of being like the guys from Azov. Previously, Solomiya volunteered with her mother, and then she herself decided to do more such charity concerts on the street.

Zlata Solonenko

7-year-old Vinnitsa resident Zlata Solonenko has already covered Max Barskikh's “It'll be spring”, Stefania KALUSH, “I don't have a home”, “One in a canoe”, “Oh, red viburnum is in the blue”.

The most popular song performed by her was Barsky's composition: “There will be spring” in her performance was listened to 289 thousand times on YouTube.

The video of the young singer was even posted on Instagram by producer Alan Badoev and Max Barsky . More than 121,000 people watched it on Badoev's page, and more than 430,000 on Barsky's.

– I am very proud of our courageous Ukrainian children. Experiencing such terrible events, they become adults every hour. These memories will probably last forever, but we will all turn them into light and into our better future. Together we will win! This is our native land! – wrote Max Zlate.

Vakarchuk, Barskikh, Badoev admire them : young Ukrainians became famous for their singing

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