“They are gathering scrap metal”: Kyiv’s defense commander assessed the possibility of an invasion from Belarus

«Scrap metal is being collected»: Kyiv defense commander assessed the possibility of an invasion from Belarus< /p>

Today, the threat of invasion from Belarus remains unlikely. This was stated by the commander of the grouping of forces and means of defense of Kyiv, Lieutenant-General Alexander Pavlyuk.

According to him, the military-industrial complex of Russia does not have sufficient capabilities to reopen weapons and equipment, so the enemy is pulling his &#171 ;scrap metal» in the Belarusian direction. According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a significant amount of weapons and military equipment arriving in Belarus from the Russian Federation for training enemy personnel has been removed from long-term storage.

The General draws attention to the fact that the restoration of this equipment requires considerable effort and funds, as well as a lot of time. Belarusian military personnel are involved in the restoration of military equipment that arrived from Russia.

Pavlyuk stressed that the Ukrainian Defense Forces are closely monitoring the movements of the enemy and monitoring potential threats that may be associated with joint flight exercises of the forces of the Russian Federation and Belarus with January 16 to February 1.

«We know where the enemy is stationing personnel and equipment. We are ready for different scenarios, but the threat of invasion from Belarus today remains unlikely», the general summed up.

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