“They are our black slaves.” Horror auctions in Texas

“They are our black slaves.” Horror auctions in Texas

“They are our black slaves.” Horror auctions in Texas

In the United States, where the aftermath of segregationism and racial discrimination continue to be the subject of debate, the case of “market of slaves”Organized on the web by some white Texas high school students. The students in question had indeed created on the smartphone application Snapchat a real bargaining space in which African-American schoolmates were quoted by them. This scandal concerns pupils of the Daniel Ninth Grade Campus, in the town of Aledo, in the north of the US state. The school mentioned has always been characterized by almost all white students, with less than a dozen black graduates each year compared to nearly 400 white graduates.

In detail, the accused high school students, whose names have not yet been revealed, had created a chat on Snapchat called ”Slave Trade”, that is the slave trade, in which they assigned a price to African-American schoolmates by modifying the quotation on the basis of clothing, hairstyle, behavior of companions subject to transactions. In the chat, for example, a black student was rated ”100 bucks”, which, in jargon, would be 100 dollars, while another black boy was only quoted for a dollar, with those white high school students who had written about it in the chat: “The price would be better if her hair didn’t look so badThe conversation group also chose an emoji as a symbol that depicted a white policeman pointing a gun at an African American farmer, with the chat constantly seething with racist slurs and ironic discriminatory comments.

According to the US press, the digital “slave” market would have been discovered by the top management of the institute two weeks ago, with the school management who would have warned the police and immediately taken measures against the creators of the chat. However, a representative of the Aledo school district made it known that he could not reveal to the public the measures taken against the high school students involved in the affair. Under the Daniel Ninth Grade Campus regulations, a pupil responsible for harassing or intimidating peers can be transferred either to another class or to another school.

For the moment, the leaders of the school brand the episode as a case of cyber-bullying, without pointing out the racist value of the initiative of those white pupils. Texan representatives of civil rights associations and parents of black students argue that the issue of ethnic prejudice and discrimination is central to this scandal. The associations cited, in particular, condemned the creation of the chat ”Slave Trade” branding it as directed to “dehumanize“All African American high school students.

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