They live in bestial conditions, looking for cartridges on the street: Hundreds of “mobiks” staged a riot in Russia | VIDEO

They live in bestial conditions, looking for bullets on the street: Hundreds of Mobiks riot in Russia | VIDEO

In Russia, the mobilized began to organize riots. Relevant videos are published on social networks.

In one of the videos shot near the village of Livenka in the Belgorod region, the author of the video complains that there are only 500 armed men, and they are not assigned to any military unit. The mobilized say that they lived for a week in “bestial conditions.” The issued weapons are not recorded on them, but the mobilized eat what they buy themselves.

In another video, the author introduces himself as Kovrizhnykh Artem Alekseevich. Mobilized said that he was sent to the first Taman division, the first tank battalion, the third motorized rifle company. For six days the military lived in trenches and dugouts, which they dug themselves. Because of such conditions, the mobilized say, 90% of them fell ill. They also said that they had to look for live ammunition for the issued weapons «on the street in the unit».

In one of the videos, a certain Sergey Surkov was seen, who last week published a video that mobilized ” 1st Tank Regiment “is sent to Kherson without exercises. After the publication of this video, the Russian edition of Agency contacted the author, then he said that the situation had changed dramatically and the management promised to start training.

On the afternoon of October 5, Surkov wrote to an Agency journalist that “there was no training, we have been living in bestial conditions for a week, near Belgorod, the village of Livenka.”

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