They took the fall of the wreckage of air defense for an attack: The channel associated with the Wagner PMC reported a shootout between the occupiers in Kherson

Air defense wreckage mistook for attack: Wagner PMC-affiliated channel reported gunfight between occupiers in Kherson

In Kherson on September 17, there was a skirmish between units of the Russian occupiers, who mistook each other for the enemy. This was reported by the GRAY ZONE telegram channel, which is associated with the PMC «Wagner».

In September, Kherson was still under occupation, at the beginning of the month, the Ukrainian command officially announced the start of an attack on the city. On September 17, Russian media reported on explosions in Kherson and shooting in the city. The propagandists claimed that the shooting was carried out in the course of a “counter-terrorist operation”.

The next day, the Moscow-appointed «authorities» Kherson, they said that the Russian invaders “destroyed an unidentified group of people” with weapons. The deputy head of the pro-Russian administration, Kirill Stremousov, said that a “group of idiots” with “minimal weapons” staged the shootout. Who exactly was killed as a result of the «operation» the occupiers never reported.

Kyiv denied involvement in the shootout in Kherson. The representative of the defense forces “South” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Natalya Gumenyuk called the incident a provocation. Mikhail Podolyak, an adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, linked the shooting to contradictions within the Russian forces. The same version was put forward by the speaker of the Odessa administration, Sergei Bratchuk: according to him, the shootout could have been arranged by the “Kadyrovtsy” with the “Wagnerites”.

On December 30, a publication appeared in the GRAY ZONE channel stating that the shootout took place between the Russian military, who mistook the fall of air defense debris for an attack on them, with soldiers returning to their deployment point. After the intervention of the special forces, according to the channel, two invaders were killed and three were wounded.

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