They want to liquidate unwanted ones: Russian marines from Pavlovka, who wrote complaints about commanders, are not taken out of the front line

They want to liquidate unwanted people: Russian marines from Pavlovka who wrote complaints about commanders are not taken out of the front line

The Russian marines from the occupied Pavlovka in the Donetsk region, who wrote complaints against the commanders, do not want to be taken away from the front line. «Mediazona« reports this.

On November 14, it became known about the capture of Pavlovka by the Russian military. At the beginning of the month, marines from the 155th separate guards brigade wrote an appeal to the governor of Primorye, Oleg Kozhemyako, in which they spoke about the heavy losses that the command hides. The full appeal appeared on November 6 in the Gray Zone Telegram channel.

“Once again, we were thrown into an incomprehensible offensive by General Muradov and his fellow countryman Akhmedov, in order for Muradov to earn bonuses over Gerasimov, and Muradov promised Akhmedov a hero of Russia. As a result, we and the marines of Kamchatka are advancing on Pavlovka. As a result «carefully» planned offensive «great generals» we lost in 4 days about 300 people killed, wounded and missing. 50 percent technology. This is just our team. The command of the district, together with Akhmedov, is hiding this and hushing up the official figures of losses, fearing responsibility”, & # 8212; the invaders complained.

Kozhemyako instructed the Russian prosecutor's office to check the information, but did not rule out that “this is stuffing from the enemy.” He then posted three videos, allegedly from Marines from the 155th Brigade and members of the Tiger Volunteer Battalion. On them, the military says that the battles are really heavy, and there are losses, but “everything is fine.” The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation also claimed that the losses of the unit “do not exceed 1% of the combat strength and 7% of the wounded.”

On Tuesday, November 22, a contract soldier from the 155th brigade again contacted Mediazona, who said that military who expressed dissatisfaction are left in Pavlovka, and the rest are taken to the rear.

«There were about 4 thousand people in the brigade. It's not all the people who fight. There is a rear, artillery units and so on. In our BTG, this is plus or minus 500 people, which was constantly understaffed. There is not only one BTGr in Ukraine. Our assault squads are involved in other sectors of the front & # 187;, & # 8212; explained the invader.

According to him, they have been in this direction for three months. He said that there were fights every day, «dense» There were two days – 9 and 10 November. For all the time near Pavlovka, about 450-500 Russians died. The reaction to the letter to the governor was not the way the invaders expected.

«We thought that the command would change tactics. The letter was not written by me personally, but by a neighboring company. Refuseniks are threatened with criminal charges. I personally wrote a refusal, but my report miraculously disappeared. (November 14 — ed.) Pavlovka was taken under full control, but more people were lost. Our command decided to make a circus. They decided they should be rewarded (military — ed.). In a word, they kept the shoulder straps for themselves, and for us, so that they do not arise, we each have a medal. Only we don’t fucking need them, we can’t return the boys», — the occupier said.

He admitted that everyone is psychologically depressed, no one is celebrating, because so many soldiers have died. The occupier specified that he had lost 4 friends in just 2 days.

«It just infuriates that the command does not think about people. They need medals, shoulder straps, and these bitches are ready to send people to certain death. They think that if they give us a medal, then we should forget everything and close our mouths, but they are mistaken, because their friends did not die, but they themselves are sitting in the rear in warmth. They are now still thinking about something else, how to get the Hero of Russia and new stars for shoulder straps & # 187;, & # 8212; the man added.

He said that when the command decided to withdraw the brigade from Pavlovka, the invaders were very happy, but not for long, since not everyone would be withdrawn.

«Those who were most indignant, who wrote the letter and refused to storm, remain further in their positions, and those who did not conflict with the command will be taken to the rear for rotation. I remain, I did not hide my position. In a word, we still feel the consequences of the letter. They do not draw conclusions, but only punish. I think that they want to completely eliminate all objectionable people, and during hostilities this is not a problem, but even very easy. Once again I am convinced how much my life is worth nothing here. (We — ed.) are in charge of those who do not care about people, but not about their shoulder straps and reputation. It is very scary to realize this», — the occupier said.

In his opinion, the military leadership will never say that they were left as punishment, but urged to think about the fact that after the letter the military was sent to storm, and then &#171 ;miraculously, those who resented stay further in their positions, while others are taken to the rear».

«We all understand very well why this is so. 100-150 people are left, and approximately the same number is taken out – maybe more. We will not be replaced, since we received the task of strengthening the defense in Pavlovka and preparing for assault operations. We live in trenches and in houses that have more or less survived»,— the military added.

According to him, the brigade was almost completely broken up, they were already understaffing, but & # 171; completely loses combat capability».

«Now, when we are gradually being destroyed and mobilized are being recruited, there is no sense in such a unit. There are a lot of mobilized people in the brigade, because there were big losses in Pavlovka. Weapons are mostly small arms. There are almost no heavy weapons. Tanks and other armored vehicles have been destroyed, and what is left either only shoots or only drives. Food is very scarce. We go, we collect in the cellars what is left. They mostly bring dry rations, and even then not always», — he said.

The occupier complained that about 450 Russian soldiers were killed near Pavlovka alone. During the entire period of hostilities, up to 900 people were wounded and killed, but more than half were killed.

«People are thinking of deserting, and I understand them and I myself think how to do it. I have always served the Motherland honestly and used to condemn this, but now this is probably the only way to save my life. I cannot understand why there is such an attitude towards personnel, if there are not enough people and they are mobilizing», — added Russian military.

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