this is how former BioWare would have wanted the RPG to be

this is how former BioWare would have wanted the RPG to be

this is how former BioWare would have wanted the RPG to be

We know how Dragon Age 2 has been the victim of troubled development and how the second chapter of BioWare’s role-playing saga did not fully meet the expectations of fans, especially after a thrilling and exciting debut chapter like Origins.

Nello stile di Zack Snyder’s Justice League, David Gaider, former BioWare who designed the setting for Dragon Age and worked as the lead writer for the franchise, imagined a Dragon Age 2 Director’s Cut, which would include all the elements that the Canadian development house was unable to integrate due to work difficulties and pressing deadlines.

First of all, Gaider would have wanted a different Kirkwall compared to the one that can be appreciated in the title published on the market. The author would have preferred months to distance the acts of the game from each other instead of years, but above all he would have liked a much more lively, dynamic and populous city.

In his view, RPG’s all-too-repetitive missions aren’t that big of an issue in the overall experience. The aspect in which the title shows the side instead, is the lack of insight into some characters. In development, several lines of dialogue were eventually cut, and this led to a flat interaction with some NPCs from the game world. As for our character, moreover, the developers had initially planned a narrative branch in which Hawke could have become an abomination.

Gaider later wanted to expand Act 3, since he believes that the clash between Wizards and Templars is told too abruptly and suddenly within the game. In this context, the player would have had much more room to act in favor of one of the factions, or neither.

Finally, Varric, a character initially conceived to be almost unpleasant to the players but ended up being one of the most loved of all, he could have started a love affair which never appeared in the roster.

Of course, it’s all about fantasies and it’s Gaider himself a curb the hopes of the fanbase: “I mean, it’s the most hypothetical of hypotheses. Never gonna happen. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that EA considers DA2 to be their red-haired stepson “.

Despite generally being considered the weakest chapter in the franchise it belongs to, Dragon Age 2 was well received at its launch on Steam in June last year. BioWare is currently working on Dragon Age 4, but at the moment the Canadian studio has shared very little information about the project. According to a report by Jason Schreier, Dragon Age 4 will be a completely single player title.

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