Three Thunder Bay police officers face allegations of misconduct

Three Thunder Bay police officers face allegations of misconduct

Thunder Bay Police Department Headquarters.

Three Thunder Bay police officers face misconduct allegations that they allegedly harassed another sworn member of the city police department.

It is alleged that Staff Sergeant Shawn Harrison, Sergeant Justin Dubuc and Constable Colin Woods harassed the Complainant through rumors and defamation.

The Thunder Bay Police Services Board says the allegations have been investigated internally.

The Thunder Bay Police Department has then called in Hamilton police to conduct an external investigation, which substantiated allegations of insubordination and dishonorable conduct against the officers.

The Police Services Board has not yet set a hearing date under the Police Services Act.

The agency has agreed to extend the time to serve notices of hearing to the three officers.

In a ruling, Police Board Administrator Malcolm Mercer concludes that it is reasonable, in circumstances, to delay issuance of a Notice of Hearing beyond the usual six months after the day the facts first came to the attention of the Chief of Police or the Board.


Earlier this year, Staff Sergeant Harrison was convicted of dereliction of duty and dishonorable conduct under the Police Services Act, during a ;a Police Services Board hearing regarding the police investigation into the 2015 death of Indigenous man Stacy DeBungee.

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