Three years in prison for Derick Pimparé, guilty of fatal hit and run

Three years in prison for Derick Pimparé, guilty of a fatal hit-and-run

The victim, a 16-year-old teenager, had was hit on route 335 in September 2021.

A reconstructionist and investigators of the SQ had been dispatched to the scene to determine the circumstances surrounding the collision, which had caused the death of a teenager in Saint-Lin in the Laurentians.

At the courthouse of Justice of Joliette, Friday, Derick Pimparé was sentenced to three years in prison for a hit and run which caused the death of Émile Martineau, on September 29 September 2021 in Saint-Lin–Laurentides.

The 16-year-old victim was struck on Route 335 in the evening.

Testimonies as well as images captured by surveillance cameras had revealed to the police that Derick Pimparé, driving a van, had fled after hitting the young pedestrian. He did not come to her assistance and did not report the accident to the emergency services.

A native of Sainte-Sophie, Derick Pimparé, 21, pleaded guilty and was taken behind bars to serve his sentence.

With information from Hadi Hassin

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