Tom Cruise cracks and threatens to fire the Mission Impossible staff for good reason …

Tom Cruise does everything to make “Mission Impossible: 7” a success. After interrupting filming because of Covid-19, the 58-year-old actor is doing everything possible not to create a cluster. Faced with the misconduct of one of the staff, he got very angry and urged his colleagues to respect social distancing.
Simply enraged. This is how we could describe Tom Cruise’s state of mind when faced with the behavior of one of the members of his film crew who did not respect health measures during a pandemic. In an audio recording released by The Sun, on Tuesday December 15, 2020, we hear the American actor yelling at the crew of the film Mission Impossible for not having respected the instructions related to Covid-19 on the set.

Tom Cruise builds “Covid-19-free village” to shoot Mission Impossible
For Tom Cruise, a breach of health regulations is proof of disrespect for people in the industry who have lost everything because of the crisis. ” They [the producers, Editor’s note] believe in all of us and in what we do. I’m on the phone with each of the fucking studios at night, insurance companies, producers. They watch us and us. have chosen to make their films “, yelled Tom Cruise, from the British studios of the film Mission Impossible: 7 . The actor is clearly under pressure from Hollywood, an industry hit hard by the economic and health crisis. Industry looking towards platform services for the future …

” We create thousands of jobs for you sons of bitches. I never want to see this again. Never! And if you’re not fired and I see you doing this again, you’re fired. . If anybody on this team does, that’s it. You and you and you too. And you, never do that again. No excuse. You can complain to people who lost their fuckers because our industry is shutting down. It won’t pay for their food or their children’s education. That’s what I sleep with every night. The future of this fucking industry “! “, he loses his temper, still shouting, facing the crew of his film.

Tom Cruise is one of the producers of Mission Impossible: 7 , which makes him all the more concerned about his film’s delay, its grossly over budget, and all the things that can rock its release. This film has never lived up to its name so well, the shooting was so complicated. He had already been arrested for long weeks because of the pandemic , especially in Italy. Since then, he had built a “Covid-free village” on a former Royal Air Force site near Oxfordshire (United Kingdom), where the hundreds of people on the film crew are staying. An unforeseen additional cost.

Last August, a serious motorcycle accident caused a fire causing extensive material damage on the set. Director Christopher McQuarrie had decided to destroy a 111-year-old Polish bridge for the purposes of the film, which greatly displeased local populations and the Polish government.

Since the break due to containment, the French release date of Mission Impossible: 7 has been postponed to November 2021 by Paramount. ” We’re not going to delete this fucking movie, ” concludes Tom Cruise in his moment of bewilderment.

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