Tom Cruise released by his team after his nervous breakdown: “The tension has been rising for months”

It is more and more difficult to keep his tongue in his pocket. After exploding with rage on the set of “Mission: Impossible 7″, Tom Cruise had to say goodbye to a small part of his team …
Ethan Hunt’s new adventures turn into a fiasco. As Tom Cruise’s hysterics on the set of Mission: Impossible 7 hit the world, the 58-year-old comedian is said to have gone wild a second time. He would have even pushed five members of the team to give up the project, just to leave this toxic atmosphere for good. Fatally, the fact that his misconduct was exposed in the public square did not help the actor to come to his senses. He would have been even ” angrier ” and ” even more tense ” than usual after the thunderous incident of Tuesday, December 15, 2020.

” Tensions have been rising for months ,” explains a source from The Sun newspaper . There, it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. Several people have resigned. Tom can not stand anything, after all the efforts that were made to keep him filming. He’s pissed off that others aren’t taking any of this seriously. ” Tom Cruise is the hero of this seventh installment of the Mission: Imposible saga , but he is also one of the producers of the film. This explains why the chickweed is being overwhelmed by the huge delay that was taken because of the health crisis, the many accidents that took place on the set and the budget very much exceeded.

It will be necessary to wait until November 2021, according to Paramount, to see the result. A serious motorcycle accident in August caused extensive – and costly – damage. To counter the vagaries of the coronavirus pandemic, Tom Cruise had also built, with his own money, a sort of ” village without Covid-19 ” on a former site of the Royal Air Force, near Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom . This could explain why he is a bit fussy, even if it means paying himself a bloody blow when seeing two employees making fun of social distancing by sitting down, less than a meter from each other, in front of a computer.

If I see you do this one more time, you’re fired
“ Producers believe in all of us and what we do ,” he yells in recordings shared by The Sun. I’m on the phone with every single fucking studio at night, insurance companies, producers. They watch us and chose us to make their films. We create thousands of jobs for you sons of bitches. I never wanna see that again. Never! What if you don’t get fired and I see you doing that again, you’ll be fired. If anybody on this team does, that’s it. You, you and you too. And you, never do that again. No excuse. You can complain to the people who have lost their fucking jobs because our industry is dying out.”Respecting safety instructions in the midst of a pandemic was, however, not necessarily an impossible mission …

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