Toronto police officer resigns after 'outrageous' period of misconduct

Toronto Cop Resigns After 'Scandalous' Period of Misconduct

Police officer Matthew Brewer, who was suspended without pay earlier this month, has tendered his resignation.

Police officer Matthew Brewer, who continued to receive paychecks after a his employer's attempt to fire him for “scandalous misconduct,” eventually resigned.

The former police officer has not been paid since Tuesday, police say of Toronto.

The list of misconduct against him includes:

  • following his spouse with a handgun while he was in a state of crisis
  • pepper spraying a handcuffed suspect in the back of a police car< /li>
  • driving while impaired and insulting a staff sergeant who he believed was sleeping with his common-law wife.

Hearing Officer Superintendent Riyaz Hussein, who himself faces impaired driving charges, had ordered in July 2021 that Constable Brewer be fired unless ;he does not resign.

Matthew Brewer appealed that decision, so he continued to be suspended with pay until this month, in accordance with provincial law.

The Ontario Civilian Commission of Police dismissed his appeal on August 8.

The Toronto Police Service expects all of its officers and employees to uphold the highest standards of conduct and hold them to account through disciplinary proceedings, spokeswoman Stephanie Sayer said.

The Hearing Officer was of the view that Officer Brewer's behavior fell below this standard and that he did not should no longer be able to serve and protect Toronto communities.

Disciplinary hearing documents show that Constable Brewer suffered from both post-traumatic stress disorder and alcoholism, which David Butt, Constable Brewer's attorney said , is representative of the heavy burden that police work has placed on its client.

These types of illnesses and struggles are endemic to police work, frontline responders, Mr. Butt said.

He added that Mr. Brewer has been sober for more than three years and that it is disappointing that a punitive approach is taking him down. prevailed in this case on an approach favorable to health and well-being.

Mr. Butt also said it was ironic that the hearing officer in the case faces his own criminal charges for drunk driving. /p>

Riyaz Hussein is currently performing administrative duties pending the results of his own criminal and disciplinary hearings.

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