Trained remotely in the trenches: An 18-year-old schoolboy was mobilized in the “DNR” | VIDEO

Trained remotely in the trenches: An 18-year-old schoolboy was mobilized in the

In the «DPR», which was annexed by Russia about a month ago, an 18-year-old schoolboy was mobilized at the beginning of a full-scale war. This was announced by the guy's mother Natalia Gladkikh in a video message on the YouTube channel “We are from «DPR»”.

Her son Nikita was mobilized on February 25. Representatives of «law enforcement» and under the threat of criminal liability they demanded that Nikita appear at the recruiting station in order to “take the course of a young fighter.” From the mobilization point he was taken to the Crimea. Now he is in the Kherson region.

“He has not been home since February 26th. He was at the forefront. He is not happy with the conditions or the content,” the woman complained.

According to her, her son is “depressed,” he “saw death.” Natalya said that Nikita's graduation documents were issued right during the service – based on past grades, as well as the fact that he allegedly underwent distance learning while on the front line.

“This, of course, not true,” the woman added.

She applied to the military registration and enlistment office, «the prosecutor» and «Ministry of Education» «DPR», but there she is not given «official» answers. In the «Prosecutor» stated that a criminal case had been initiated, but refused to recognize her son as a victim, citing the fact that he was outside the «DNR». At the same time, the young man is not allowed to leave the front.

On the air of the Russian TV channel «Rain» Natalya said that when Nikita was called to the mobilization point, she went with her son. There she presented a certificate from his school. The woman was told that it was now a vacation and that the guy would be taken away for three or four days, and then returned.

From March 3, he stopped communicating. By the end of March, Gladkikh managed to find out that her son had been transferred without training near Kherson, which by that moment was controlled by the Russian invaders.

Nikita was assigned to the 113th regiment of the «DNR» army. In early June, the military from there complained about poor service conditions, lack of food and incompetent command.

“He fell ill there – they don’t have a medical system. They don't always bring food – they didn't bring it this afternoon. When I was on the right bank, they could not bring food for weeks. They gave a loaf of bread for four people and that was it. The child has horror in his voice, in his eyes. In the spring, they melted the snow to drink,” Natalia explained.

After the “referendum” on the accession of the Donetsk region to the Russian Federation, Gladkikh turned to the branch of the Investigative Committee of Russia that had opened in Donetsk. However, they refused to help her there, citing the fact that her son is a resident of the self-proclaimed «DNR», and the transition to Russian jurisdiction has not yet been completed.

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