Trans popular on social media arrested 'at gunpoint'

Social Media Popular Shemale Arrested “at Gunpoint”

Clara Sorrenti is streaming on Twitch as Keffals. She lives in London, Ontario.

Clara Sorrenti, 28, a popular trans woman on social media, says she was the victim of a swatting. She claims she was arrested “at gunpoint”, then handcuffed, and London police searched her flat for eight hours.

I think I'm still in shock, to be honest. When I saw the police gun pointed at me, I really thought I was going to die. I've never been so terrified in my life.

The transgender activist from London, Ontario, broadcasts under the pseudonym Keffals on the online platform Twitch.

According to her, this is an example of a malicious alert, or swatting in English. This is a practice that consists of falsely alerting the police authorities to make people believe in the need for urgent intervention in someone you want to harm.

On Twitch, she speaks out about US laws she considers anti-trans and transgender rights.

Ms. Sorrenti completed her transition as a teenager.

She was a candidate for the Communist Party of Canada in the 2019 federal election .

Ms. Sorrenti regularly faces a barrage of attacks on social media, which were detailed in an article in the Washington Post in June.

On August 5, she said, she was in her apartment and was awakened by several police officers knocking on her door. They showed him a search warrant that sought to find a handgun, ammunition, firearm cartridges, cleaning supplies, a gun case, a cell phone and a computer in his residence.

The arresting officer pulled me down the hall, pushed me against the wall, handcuffed me, told me what I was accused. They took me away and searched my apartment for eight hours, Ms. Sorrenti said.

The police also used her birth name, said Ms. Sorrenti, who did not #x27;is not the one she is currently using. His old name is also on the police documents, although his legal name has long since been changed.

According to a London police spokesperson, officers have been contacted on August 5 by city hall officials who said they had received violent threats.

Officers began an investigation and, using the evidence obtained, were successful in obtaining judicial authorization to search a residence, according to this spokesperson.

Ms Sorrenti was arrested, and as the investigation progressed, she was released without charge pending analysis of the electronic devices seized. This investigation is ongoing and, at this stage, we cannot provide a firm date as to its conclusion.

Ms Sorrenti says she was told by a police officer that someone had used her name and address to send threats to London councilors and make false confessions about a murder, which led to the police intervention.

The person who wrote the threats also used the name given to him at birth. However, according to Ms. Sorrenti, this information should have raised doubts among the investigators if they were sensitive to transgender issues.

No one in my life refers to me using this name. It's been a decade since anyone did. The only reason people might use it is to make fun of me, to try to take away my power and my dignity.

Ms Sorrenti adds that her brother contacted London police in March to warn them that they could be the victim of malicious alerts.

In a message posted on YouTube , Ms. Sorrenti said someone impersonating her had threatened Toronto politicians. She said Toronto police concluded it was a malicious alert and contacted her to explain the situation.

A Toronto police spokesperson said a file and investigation into the matter remains open.

According to the Washington Post, Ms. Sorrenti signed up for an account on Twitch in order to play video games and post videos of herself playing games. play it. However, she has since ditched that aspect of the social media platform and hosts an avatar devoted to politics and transgender rights.

Arkansas also recently passed several bills, which critics say limit the rights of transgender people.

It was a Texas law that caused Ms. Sorrenti to change her niche, the daily reports: Republican Gov. Greg Abbott issued a directive in February that required the Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate parents who provide care. sex reassignment cases to their children and to consider these cases as child abuse.

The work I do is important and people thank me for doing it every day,” Ms. Sorrenti said.

I get messages almost every day from trans people, especially young trans people, saying that I gave them courage, that they can be who they are, she said. But other people hate me and want to shut me up.

Ms Sorrenti wants the police to get better training on how to deal with transgender people. She also set up a crowdfunding drive that raised nearly $32,000 as of Tuesday afternoon. The money must be used to move because someone with bad intentions has his address, Ms. Sorrenti said.

With information from Kate Dubinski, by CBC

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