Trouble awaits Russia: Girkin harshly criticized Putin

Terror awaits Russia: Girkin harshly criticized Putin

Terrorist Igor Girkin (Strelkov) said that the Russian Federation will never be able to completely defeat the Armed Forces of Ukraine and capture Ukraine. He stated this in an interview.

«We (Russia – ed.) will be in trouble, the government will destroy itself, and with it the whole country. This can happen within the next months, at best – years. As soon as we lose, I'll just go to The Hague for life, and there they will send me to Kyiv and hang me. And I have no doubts,” the war criminal said.

Girkin sharply criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for not yet taking responsibility for the war in Ukraine, and transfers failures to the Ministry of Defense.

According to him, if Russia really still sets the goals of the war in Ukraine, the so-called «denazification» and «demilitarization» – «it is either sabotage, or cretinism, or a conglomeration of both».

«Judging by the statements of our president (Putin — ed.) and governments are doing well. So far, our president has not taken responsibility for what is happening. This suggests that dementia really reached its highest levels there, or that a complete misunderstanding of reality is not connected with physiology, but with something else. If we use tactical nuclear weapons, consider that in a month Ukraine will have them, and Ukraine will use them too. Everyone in the West will only applaud this,” Girkin said.

He summed up that victory over Ukraine and the final defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are impossible.

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