Trudeau touts future energy partnership with Germany | War in Ukraine

Trudeau touts future energy partnership with Germany | War in Ukraine

Justin Trudeau and Olaf Scholz had already exchanged in person at the G7 summit in Germany last June.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says a future partnership with Germany will, over the long term, help make Canada a leader in the world's supply of green energy.

< p class="e-p">What we're really going to talk about, me and the [German] chancellor, next week is how this partnership between Canada and Germany and Europe in general is going to help us decades to come, to ensure that Canada becomes an essential supplier of energy to the planet in a carbon-neutral world, he said Friday during a visit to the Îles-de- la-Madeleine.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Prime Minister Trudeau are set to sign a hydrogen accord next week in Stephenville, Newfoundland -and-Labrador. Mr. Scholz will then be on an official visit to Canada.

A government official who requested anonymity has confirmed that a hydrogen agreement will be signed , the culmination of months of talks between the two countries.

Stephenville will be home to a zero-emissions power plant, where wind power will be used to produce hydrogen and ammonia for export.< /p>

On Friday, Mr. Trudeau reiterated that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has heightened the need for an energy transition and to help the #x27;Europe so that it is less dependent on Russia for energy.

“It is very true that we do not have the tools now to help them directly in the the scale they need right now, but in the years and decades to come, we know we have to transform our energy resources.

— Justin Trudeau, Premier of Quebec

We need to decarbonize our oil and gas industry, which we are doing, said he added.

The Prime Minister mentioned hydrogen as a possible energy option, also mentioning battery resources such as lithium.

We also have investments to make elsewhere: in nuclear power, in electrification. We have work to do, he continued.

The German Chancellor will be in Canada from Sunday to Tuesday. He will notably travel to Montreal and Toronto.

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