Tsarev admitted that Russia “lost” Ukraine

Tsarev admitted that Russia

Former MP and ex-presidential candidate Oleg Tsarev, who supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine and who was sentenced in absentia to 12 years in prison by the court, admitted the failure of Russian plans to seize Ukraine. He stated this in a telephone commentary to The New York Times.

«We are losing Ukraine. We've already lost her», — said Tsarev.

He added that «was there» and «participated» in the Russian invasion, but he was never given the final details. Tsarev also believes that «the Russian army did not understand» that the Ukrainians would resist, thinking that «everything would be easy».

The traitor declared that he would be happy , if the fighting simply stops on the current front lines, since since the beginning of the invasion, Russia has not been able to capture and hold a single regional center.

«Army, generals, soldiers (occupiers – ed. ) weren’t ready,” Tsarev said.

The New York Times notes that U.S. officials consider Tsarev to be a puppet leader the Kremlin intended to install in Ukraine.

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  • In September, Tsarev complained about “brutal Ukrainophiles” in Crimea, who “threw slogans” at him.
  • In December, Tsarev's brother was convicted of terrorism. He asked for an exchange in Russia.
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