TSB investigators can finally examine the ferry that caught fire in PEI.

TSB investigators can finally examine the ferry that caught fire on”.-P.-”.

Investigators were able to board the Holiday Island for the first time on Saturday.

Fire aboard the Holiday Island ferry between Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia on July 22, 2022.

Eight days after a fire aboard ;one of the ferries that carry passengers and vehicles between Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, investigators were finally able to board on Saturday.

La amount of water on board Holiday Islandhas so far prevented Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) personnel from boarding the ferry, which is docked at the wharf in Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island.

< p class="e-p">On July 22, a fire broke out on board during a crossing, which forced the evacuation of more than 200 people. They were brought to shore in lifeboats. No one was injured.

Passengers are evacuated from the ferry on July 22.

Sufficient water was removed from the vessel on Friday to allow TSB investigators to enter it Saturday morning, Don Cormier said , vice-president of the ferry operator, the Northumberland Ferries Company.

These investigators were given the green light by a marine chemist who analyzed the quality of the air on board.

A team from the Transportation Safety Board arrived at the island a few days ago, but the investigators were unable to board the ferry until Saturday morning.

A team of four TSB investigators arrived on the island last week.

< p class="e-p">Don Cormier of Northumberland Ferries is unsure how long their job will last. Access to Holiday Island is restricted for anyone who is not part of the investigation office and the insurers will wait until they leave to examine the vessel.

Sailings between Caribou, Nova Scotia, and Wood Islands resumed last Wednesday after being suspended for five days. The Confederation ferry now makes all four daily trips between the two Maritime Provinces.

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