Two Calgary men charged with trafficking 3D printed firearms

Two Calgary men charged with trafficking 3D printed firearms

Calgary police say the number of 3D-printed or homemade firearms they seized this year is up from previous years.

Calgary police suspect of producing and trafficking 3D-printed firearms, two men have been arrested and charged with 66 counts including the production, trafficking and illegal possession of firearms.

Aged 24 and 27, the co-defendants are due in court at the end of September.

The police investigation into the two men, which began in November 2020, led to the seizure of five handguns with full equipment, three 3D printers as well as drugs.

Police also say they were able to link a 3D-printed firearm seized in May to the alleged activity of the co-defendants. This was made possible through forensic analysis, she says.

The production of 3D printed firearms is on a growing trend, which we are working to respond to, Sergeant Ben Lawson said in a press conference on Thursday.

< p class="e-p">Of the 316 weapons seized this year, and which police say were used to commit criminal acts, 15 were either homemade or 3D printed.

For the police, this is a significant increase over previous years.

According to Sergeant Lawson, one or two home-made weapons were seized in 2020.

Sgt. Ben Lawson highlighted the challenge posed by 3D printed firearms, particularly because they are produced mostly from materials that are easy to buy.

In total, city police say they have seized 1,229 firearms in 2022, as Calgary faces an uptick in gun violence. The metropolis has recorded 97 shootings to date, almost double compared to 2021, during the same period.

It is in this context that the provincial government announced $5.2 million in funding on Wednesday to support programs aimed at preventing crime and keeping communities safe.

Police also noted that 3D printed weapons were a global challenge, especially since they are produced mainly from materials, including plastic filaments, and especially from 3D printers, which are not difficult to find on the market. market or on the Internet. They function like regular firearms.

Police are asking anyone with information about gun violence or gun trafficking to contact them at 403-266-1234 or contact Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-222-8477.

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