Two children still wanted by RCMP after Amber Alert in Saskatchewan

Two children still wanted by RCMP after Amber Alert in Saskatchewan

According to the RCMP, Benjamin Martin Moore is also known by other names, including Benjamin Moore, Hawk Smith and Ben Scutchings.

The search continues in Saskatchewan and elsewhere for Luna Potts, 7, and Hunter Potts, 8, after the Amber Alert issued Monday evening by the Shaunavon, Saskatchewan RCMP.

RCMP Chief Superintendent Tyler Bates is asking the public to share any information that would help locate these children.

They are believed to be with their mother Leah Potts, 45, and her common-law partner Benjamin Martin Moore, 50, a resident of Eastend, Saskatchewan.

Benjamin Martin Moore is a sex offender, police say.

We believe Luna and Hunter are in danger when in the company of Benjamin Martin Moore, says team leader Tyler Bates Saskatchewan RCMP South District Management.

We want to find them as quickly as possible to make sure they are safe.

Benjamin Martin Moore is the subject of an arrest warrant, according to the police. He fled his residence in Eastend before he was questioned by the police. This then led to the issuance of an Amber Alert, says Bates.

The Saskatchewan RCMP have laid a charge because he failed to provide information to a registration office within 7 days of a change of principal or secondary residence, as required by the Registration of Life Information Act. sex offenders´╗┐´╗┐, Chief Superintendent says.

RCMP confirms that Benjamin Martin Moore, also known by other names including Benjamin Moore, Hawk Smith and Ben Scutchings, including , previously served two years and two months for inappropriate touching of a young child, possession of child pornography and other offences.

Tyler Bates encourages anyone who may have been a victim of Benjamin Martin Moore to report it to the police.

After the Amber Alert, someone reported an incident involving Benjamin Martin Moore to the police, he says.

The RCMP is considering extending the Amber Alert to South Dakota, USA. We have reason to believe that these four people are there, says Tyler Bates.

Mr. Bates, however, is asking residents of Saskatchewan and Western Canada to remain vigilant and contact police if they have any information.

People who have any information that may help the investigation progress are asked to call 911 or 1-877-762-6237 in Canada.

Individuals who live in the United States can contact 911 or 1-306-780-5563.

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