Two dead in Whistler: 1st degree murder charges laid against two men

Two dead in Whistler: 1st degree murder charges laid against two men

Two people died in the village of Whistler on Sunday.

Two men are charged with murder at the first degree after the double homicide that took place Sunday in Whistler. Police say the British Columbia Prosecution Service has approved charges against Gursimran Sahota, 24, and Tanvir Khakh, 20, both from Surrey.

La Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) say the suspects were arrested on the Sea-to-Sky Highway shortly after the shootings that took place near the Sundial Hotel in Whistler on Sunday.

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) previously said it suspected a burning vehicle on a street in Whistler was associated with the beatings. fire.

The victims, Satindera Gill and Meninder Dhaliwal, are known to police, and the British Columbia Gang Enforcement Unit has identified Meninder Dhaliwal as a person who posed a risk to public safety because of his connection to gangs.

Three other people were arrested along with the he two men have been charged, but police continue to assess the extent of their involvement.

The Homicide Investigation Team says that the shots were targeted and likely related to the ongoing gang war.

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