two injured, 5 hours of chaos on the highway

Queues, inconvenience to traffic, Italy split in two: this time the blockade of the A1 carried out by the restaurateurs of Tni Italia, after the first action last Tuesday at Orte, lasted five hours. A hundred people are now facing charges of road blocking and interruption of public service. The protest for the reopening and against the curfew, which began around 9.30 first on one and then on both lanes of the Autosole near the Incisa tollbooth, between Florence and Arezzo, also saw two lightly injured, hit by a car which forced the blockade of the demonstrators. “Here there are entrepreneurs tired of suffering, who would like to reopen and go back to work, respecting the protocols of motorway restaurants and canteens”, explained the president of Tni Italia, Pasquale Naccari.


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The curfew knot

For the association, which last week promoted the Circus Maximus event in Rome, the guidelines set out by the government are not enough: among the requests there are the abolition of the curfew, reopening on April 25 for lunch and dinner even inside the premises and not only outside, no to the vaccination pass and no to payment through the Pos only. About 300 demonstrators who guarded the A1 until 14.20, leaving only the emergency lane free, and staging a ‘performancè with a table prepared. Among them was Hermes Ferrari, the Modenese restaurateur who in Rome on April 6 in Piazza Montecitorio was dressed as a shaman like Jake Angeli on Capitol Hill: “While people were crying in front of Parliament and asking for help, everyone focused only on a hat and two horns, you have to make us reopen, ”he complained.

two injured, 5 hours of chaos on the highway

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Motorist identified

“Let’s go away – then declared Naccari, dissolving the blockade – with the indication to the government to accept our points, otherwise we will be forced to repeat sensational gestures”. As for the motorist who forcing the blockade hit the two demonstrators, he was stopped and identified from the polstrada at the Barberino del Mugello tollbooth and then denounced for the crime of voluntary injury. The two protesters are not in danger of life: one suffered bruises on his hands, the other a dislocated shoulder. The latter is Antonio Alfieri, restaurateur from Sassuolo and one of the founders of IoApro: the movement, which today sent a delegation to Brussels, expressed solidarity as well as appreciation for Tni’s initiative. That on the A1 was not the only protest staged today by restaurateurs: some adherents of Tni in Rome and Perugia blocked the north carriageway of the E45 for almost half an hour at the gates of the Umbrian capital, while other demonstrators temporarily blocked traffic on the Turin ring road heading south. The public establishments of the Fipe di Confcommercio Ascom Bologna have in turn decided to give life to a permanent protest picket in Piazza Maggiore. The movement of Sicilian restaurateurs CoRiSicilia has announced for April 23 a flashmob in Santa Croce Camerina, in the Ragusa area, next to the villa that is the home of Il commissario Montalbanò in the Raiuno fiction.

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